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Resources for 8 week improvers' course in Euston

As the course starts we'll post information on a week by week basis about dances, steps and formations covered. Meanwhile check here to see what has been going on in our Autumn 2023 beginners' class.

Check out this link on the RSCDS website for videos and information about basic steps and formations.

For information about where to buy dance shoes - check the bottom of this page, below the week by week class summaries.

Week 1: 17 January 2024

Week 2: 24 January 2024

Week 3: 31 January 2024

Week 4: 7 February 2024

Week 5: 21 February 2024

About Shoes

Women wear Scottish country dance pumps. These look like plain black ballet shoes- but a bit more robust.

Men wear laced up ghillies – women sometimes wear these too as they prefer the laced up shoes


If you’re buying online, be sure to buy Scottish country dance shoes, not Highland dance shoes as they are different!

  1. For standard Scottish country dance shoes you can try Antonio Pacelli.

  2. Other online options are Thistle Shoes and James Senior Shoes – very helpful on the phone if you have specific queries.

  3. Split sole dance sneakers: some dancers prefer this type of shoe as it gives more support. I have heard good things about the Criss Cross shoe, which is made by Bloch, and Rumpf split sole sneakers have also been recommended. I understand that the sneakers can come up a little smaller than standard street shoes so worth considering sizing up.

  4. Specialist dance shops in London are Capezzio, Bloch and Dancia, all in Covent Garden. Mainly ballet – don’t have Scottish Dance on websites but might be worth popping in for a chat.

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