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RSCDS London events

A year of dancing 

RSCDS London holds a range of teaching, social and celebratory events throughout the year including formal dances, Burns ceilidhs, tea dances, family events and outdoor summer dancing for your enjoyment.

We have a wide range of weekly and monthly classes to suit all levels of dancing ability and inclination - check here for more details.


A year of dancing, see what's next:


Day                     Dance                                            Band                                 Venue                             More info 

16 Dec 2023

Christmas Dance


St Columba's Pont St

13 Jan 2024

Burns Ceilidh

Caledonian Reelers

St Columba's Pont St

14 Feb 2024

Winter Wednesday Dance

Chris Oxtoby

St Columba's Pont St


Combined Societies Dance


St Columba's Pont St

29 May 2024

Summer Wednesday Dance

Dave Hall

St Columba's Pont St

8 June 2024

End of Season dance


St Columba's Pont St

Aug 2024 tbc

Open air dancing


Kensington Gardens

21 Sept 2024

New Season Dance



19 Oct 2024

Day School & Musicians' Workshop

Day School Musicians

Maria Fidelis School

23 Oct 2024

Autumn Wednesday Dance


St Columba's Pont St

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