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Renew RSCDS London membership
or tell us about changes

To renew membership

we only need

  • name(s) 

  • membership category

  • payment method​

If it's just changes

we only need

  • name(s) 

  • the new information

If you are joining RSCDS London for the first time or after a break, click here:

If you already have a direct debit mandate set up you need take no further action, your payment will be taken automatically when it falls due.

Membership data
Before you start, are you ...

Joint membership is for two adults, same postal address

Membership category

How would you like to receive The Reel?

Paper copy,  fees as above, or as eReel (by email and reduced fee)

Preferred Reel fomat

Select preferred payment option, press 'Send you information' button to submit information then follow links at right to pay

How would you like to pay? (Select one )

Please double check the information before you send it

Please read our Privacy Policy

Thank you for sending your information

To make a payment, fill in the application and click the send button before you click through to payment options:

BACS information

Name:         RSCDS London Branch

Sort code:  12-11-03

Account:     00737821   

Reference:  LastName Initial Subs Year

eg:                Bloggs F Subs 2024

Got a question on payment?

Email the Treasurer!

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