The Reel Archives – 301 onwards

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Editor: Editorial Team (Issues 301-)
Reel 301 (September – December 2017) Reel produced in full colour and updated style. Notes from Across the Pond; Step we ceilidh…or thoughts from a caller!; A Fine Pair; The Dance Corner; Dancing news; Anniversaries out West; Letters: more bees in my bonnet – think footwork – pointing toes and the rest – thanking a retiring editor; Lives Remembered – Bill Farr, Dick Dodwell
Reel 302 (December 2017 – February 2018) Branch Day School reports; Enjoying each step of the way; CD Reviews; The Scottish Dance Legacy of Hugh Foss Part 1 by Adrian Conrad; The Surbiton Way; An Old Approach made Big; The Dance Corner; Farewells, Hellos and Celebrations; Letters: what a delight – on the new design – new look for The Reel – teamwork – the new look Reel – my bug bear; In My Opinion by Malcolm Brown; Coffee Break Amusements; Lives Remembered – Fergus Bateson
Reel 303 (March – May 2018) Christmas dance reports; Jigs Across the Sea by Edward Bunting; CD review by Chris Walker; The SCD Legacy of Hugh Foss part 2 by Adrian Conrad; Around the Clubs; The Dance Corner; My Examination Experience by Ginny Colenbrander; Dancing with a Legend (Peter Knight) by Michael Brain; In my opinion by William Williamson; Lives Remembered – John Reeve, John Sturrock, Mina Corson
Reel 304 (June- August 2018) Branch AGM notice; Reel archives on the Branch website; SERTA comes to Kings Langley; Are you going to Summer School this Year?; Dancing Destination – South Wales; CD reviews by Jeremy Hill; How often have you been invited to a 100th Birthday Party?; Appendix to Parts 1 and 2 of The Dancing Legacy of Hugh Foss; Letters to The Reel; In My Opinion by Philippe Rousseau; Lives Remembered – George MacLennan, Roger Waterson; The Dance Corner
Reel 305 (September- November 2018) Jeremy Hill receives a Branch award; Branch accounts and AGM report; 2018 Day School; An insight into a Musician’s preparation by Meryl Thomson; The RSCDS Scroll of Honour; Today’s Dance Devisers – John Brenchley; Flight to Bremen by Iris Ronayne; In My Opinion by Bill Zobel; Of Socks and Dancing in Marostica by Jim Cook; SCD in the SW by David Goddard; The Dance Corner (The Brig Amity); Lives Remembered – Mike Davis, Jean Gale, Donald Wallace.
Reel 306
(December 2018 – February 2019)
Branch Day School reports, Christmas Quiz, Andrew Kellett becomes RSCDS Chairman, Summer School Musicians’ Course 2018 by Joan Desborough, CD Review by Jeremy Hill, Hogmanay at Higham, The Oxfordshire Branch first 50 years, Nothing quite like the Singapore Ball, In My Opinion by Eric Finley, The Dance Corner, Lives Remembered – Owen Meyer, Wilson Nicol, Jean Nicol, Wendy Henderson, Letters to The Reel.
Reel 307 (March to May 2019) AGM Notice; Burns’ Ceilidh dance report; Milton Keynes is 40; Cheltenham is a Small Town; An Interview with Robert Mackay Part 1; CD Review “Masters of the Tradition); Wing Musicians’ Workshop; Social Dancing from Playford to Scottish; The Pleasure of being a SCD Diagram Maker; News and Events from HQ; St Columba’s Church WW1 Feeding the 50,000; Completing a Project for a Friend; The Dance Corner; In My Opinion – Frank Thomson; Letters to the Reel; Lives Remembered – Sheila Jupp, Ian Hall, Adrian Meade.
Reel 308
(June – August 2019)
London Branch AGM Notice; Report on Activities 2018-2019; Advanced Technique Class report; Are you going to Summer School this Year?; An Interview with Robert Mackay part 2; TAC Teachers’ Association (Canada); ‘100’ Not Out! by Jim Cook; Celebrating the Burns Club of London’s Sesquicentennial; What are the Scottish Dance Archives?; A Circular Question; The Dance Corner – Peter Knight’s Strathspey; In My Opinion by John Carswell; The Dancers’ Dilemma – Which Tartan?; Letters to the Reel; Lives Remembered – Michael Crawford, David Talbot, Carol Walker; Ceilidh at LSE; Ceilidh dancing with The Squad.
Reel 309
(September – November 2019)
Keep Music Live! Golden Reflections; London Branch AGM 2019; The Naming of Dances; The Reel Profile – Mervyn Short; The Good AIr of SCD in Argentina; ATA – The Australian Teachers’ Alliance; Watford ‘100’ Centenary Dance; Birds, Butterflies and a Big Birthday; The Dance Corner; In My Opinion by Mike Plumley; Please hand me the Teapot?; From Mayhem to Magic; Letters to the Reel.
Reel 310
(December 2019 – February 2020)
Branch Day School Reports; LB90 New Scottish Dance Devising Competition; Meet the new Vice Presidents; In My Opinion by Jim Lindsay; SERTA – who we are and what we do?; Teaching to Achieve Flow – Some Thoughts by Anne Carter; “I See No Ships!”; First Impressions of the RSCDS Autumn Gatherinig; Notes from Coates Crescent; Long Distance Proof Reading; An Afternoon of Challenging Dances; Being Flirty in Wing; The Dance Corner; Letters to The Reel; A Sequel: Milk and Sugar?; A Young Ann at 80; The Dance Programme Referencing Debate – Part 1; A Warm Welcome Awaits
Instructions for The Sailors’ Hornpipe (see Reel 310 p9)
Reel 311 (March – May 2020) Burns Comes to Pont Street; Adieu to Quadrille Club; CD Review; Game, Set….and turn right hand; Ninety Years Young; Meet Five Past Chairmen; Glimpses into the Branch’s Early Days; TAS – Teachers’ Association Scotland; My Scottish Dancing Story; The Dance Corner – Old Dances for New: The Nut – a hard dance to crack; Letters to The Reel; “In My Opinion” by Ken Martlew; Lives Remembered – Denise Haugh, Maureen Haynes, Iain MacLennan, John King; Micheal Merrifield, Paul Bracken.

Eulogy given by Di Rooney at Maureen Haynes’ memorial service on 10 December 2019.

Reel 312
(June – August 2020)
Winter Wednesday Dance Report; Report on Activities 2019-2020; Memories of our 90th Anniversary Tea Dance; CD Review; New Branch – Herts and Borders RSCDS; Robert Mackay and the Argylls; Alex T Queen; The Dance Corner; The Nut – A Cracking Response; Letters to The Reel; “In My Opinion” by Deb Lees; Lives Remembered – Valerie Cambridge, Pat Milner; The Dance Programme Referencing Debat Part Two.
Reel 313 (September – November 2020) London Branch Financial Review; Notes from Coates Crescent; Memories of the Teacher’s Certificate class; An overview of How the SD World is continuing; CD Reviews; Polesden Lacey – A Very Special Event; Teacher’s Speak – Reflecting on What is Important by Atsuko Clement; The Reel Profile – Iain Boyd; The MSG Virtual Festival; An Evening of Dance; The John Mitchell Collection; 26th Iberian Gathering; Barry Proddey – Unsung Hero of Dance Devising; The Missing MacNabberies; Letters to The Reel; Formations – a brief commentary; The Dance Corner; “In My Opinion” by Fiona Grant; Lives Remembered – Helen Brown, Tony Harris, Dr Bruce Thomson, Richard Rowe, Merrall McCallum-Deighton, Ann Prior, John Cass.

Victor Lehmann article on The John Mitchell collection
Iain Boyd’s dance – On the Other Side of the MirrorTune Ethel’s Hangover for Ethel by Kenny Thomson
composed by Kenny Thomson in 2001 for Ethel Carlyle of Troon (then age 80). Not for commercial use.

Reel 314 (December 2020 – February 2021) Introducing the new RSCDS chairman: Lorna Ogilvie; LB AGM; LB Survey; New Reel Editorial Team; Favourite Dance Formations; CD Reviews by Jeremy Hill; Letters to The Reel; One step forwards and two back by Cathy Daldy; How I started dancing – Jenny Greene, Ryan Ellsworth; The John Mitchell Collection; Lives Remembered – Frank Bennett, Heather Edwards, Eileen Orr.
Reel 315
(March – May 2021
London Branch survey; Music Matters – CD reviews by Jeremy Hill; Burns Night 2021; Reflections on RSCDS Winter School; How I started dancing – Rachel Wilton, Beth Fairbairn; Lives Remembered – Duncan McNiven, Muriel E Agnew; Dance competition update.
Reel 316
(June – August 2021)
From the Chair; Branch Committee Report; Raising Mrs MacNab’s profile; LB Members’ survey; CD Reviews; Letters to The Reel; Inside the RSCDS; In My Opinion by Elma McCausland OBE; Reflections on RSCDS Summer School; How I started dancing by Jim Henderson and Adam Ray; Lives Remembered – Eric Lindsay, Henry Nolan, Stuart M Anderson, John Nicholson, Peter Stogden, Bill Somerville, Brian G Harry; Donald Ross.
Reel 317
(September – November 2021)
From the Chair; CD Review; News from Chiswick; The Story behind the Dance: Lady Susan Stewart’s Reel by Meryl Thomson; Inside the RSCDS; serTA; How I started dancing: Alan Ip and Hamish Todd; Branch AGM; Branch awards to Joanne Lawrence, Stephen Webb and special award to Ian and Meryl Thomson; The Fun we had by Karen Felder; Lives Remembers – Colin Robertson, Archie McNair, Brian Hooper
Reel 318
(December 2021 – February 2022
Project 23; Memories of Fetter Lane; Music Matters; Playing in Wing; The Story behind the dance: Sleepy Maggie; Kensington Gardens; Branch 90th Anniversary Celebration Ball; We have a winner; End of an era for the Argyll Scottish Dancing Group; Hammersmith Reelers recognise Perthshire Band’s Loyalty; Two retiring ladies – Jeni Rutherford and Margaret Catchick; Day School 2021; Lives Remembered – Gordon Patterson, Julian Mason, Sheila Barnes; Inside the RSCDS; Doris Young; In My Opinion – Ian Muir; Branch committee report.
Reel 319 (March – May 2022) From the Chair; Branch Committee report; Letter to The Reel; CD Review: Sir Walter Scott CD and book; The Story behind the Dance: Lady Glasgow; How we started dancing: Philippe and Lindsey Jane Rousseau; Around the Dancing World: Summer Tuesdays; Lives Remembered – Gillian Russell, Alistair J Patrick, Joy Richards, Rosemary Gurner; Management Board report
Reel 320 (June – August 2022) From the Chair; Branch Committe report; CD Review – The Heart of Midlothian; Literary L:inks – Sir Walter Scott in the context of SCD; Around the Dancing World – Winter School First Timer; Dancing in Unexpected Places; Letter to The Reel; Lives Remembered – Ian Williams, Jerome Reinstein, Ian Galbraith, Deborah Ainger, George Potts, Raymond Dyke; The Story Behind the Dance: The College Hornpipe