The Reel Archives – 276 to 300

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Editor: Wilson Nicol (Issues 252-279)
Reel 276 (May 2011 – August 2011) Price increase; Polesden Lacey; John Bowie Dickson; Files from the Past; Spring Fling 2011; Winter School 2011; Letter: Bratach Bana; New Recordings; The Wild Geese; Five couple sets; The Duke of Perth; The Reel of Tulloch; Events leading up to the formation of the London Branch
Reel 277 (September – November 2011) 60th anniversary of The Reel. Former Editors Reminisce; Message from our President; Paul Plummer; Time to reorganise the RSCDS; Royal romance in St Andrews; Summer Wooing and Magical May; Letters: music for strathspeys – footwork – foot positions – John Dickson – early Branch dance; New Recordings
Reel 278 (December 2011 – February 2012) Competition ‘London Olympic Reel’; New facebook; Will the real Ian Muir stand up; Bill Forbes life up to 90; Branch Day School; Sparkling 60th Celebration Reel Anniversary; Most popular dances; Letters: more members – planning programmes – supporting musicians – dance programmes – dance descriptions – Cairngorm Dancers; New Recordings
Reel 279 (February – May 2012) The poussette; Circassian Circle; Less experienced dancers; A Week in the Life; The Eightsome Reel; The London Branch in Wartime; What is a Country Dance; Letters: SCD technique – relaxed dancing – dance programmes – dances RSCDS or non RSCDS; Are you happy with your strap; New Recordings
Editor: Jeremy Hill (Issues 280-300)
Reel 280 (May – August 2012) A London celebration – dance competition; Royal Salute; RSCDS Winter School; BHS Border Branch Day School; The Cairngorms; Lord James Stewart Murray; Reel Revelry in Reigate; Hugh Foss in Retirement; Letters: popularity of dancing – young dancers – all’s well that ends well – John Armstrong – name that dance; New Recordings
Reel 281 (September – November 2012) Youth at Summer School; The origins of SCD; Bill Clement MBE; Strictly Challenging – Pastures New; Letters: Robin Adshead – name that dance – the next step – dances RSCDS or non RSCDS – popularity of dancing; New Recordings; News from Clubs
Reel 282 (December 2012 – February 2013) RSCDS Family Wilkinson; Schiehallion; Dances Old and New; Letters: backed into a corner – popularity of dancing – back to basics – the next step – London Pride – walk throughs – Kensington Gardens; New Recordings; News from Clubs; Dance and art collide
Reel 283 (February – May 2013) Branch award – Margaret Catchick; Highland in Helmand; In 15 minutes – Jeremy Hill; I went down to Dookie and I go the T-shirt; Dancing in the NE; Celtic connections Ceoll Dansa; Letters: Sidmouth Folk Festival – Burns Supper and Ceilidh dance – traditional dance – can some dances be more equal than others? – what’s in a name – summer dancing; New Recordings; News from Clubs.
Reel 284 (May 2013 – August 2013) South East Region Teachers’ Association; Rampant symbolism; Obituary – Charlie Galloway; Next Train to Minsk; Meet Concerto Caledonia; Letters: the Society and new dances – how risky is SCD? – traditional dances and dance programmes – Mairi’s Wedding and the Society – helping beginners – Scottish at Sidmouth Festival; New Recordings; News from Clubs
Reel 285 (September – November 2013) RSCDS 90th anniversary ball; Angela Berry – citation for Branch award; Dancing in New Zealand; Birling – Your Turn to have Fun!; Letters: recaps and Summer Tuesdays – safety SCD and shoes – harassment and dance etiquette – pour encourager les autres; New Recordings; News from Clubs; The Pat Batt legacy; John Laurie at 80
Reel 286 (December 2013 – February 2014) The Role of an MC; End of an era – Demonstration class; Jigs and Reels, a new publication for teaching children; In 15 minutes – Anna Twinn; Craigevar Band – What’s in a Name?; New Recordings; Letters: popular and frequent dances – to dance or not to dance – be prepared – opportunity in Ottowa – dancing in my socks for Michael Buerk; Around the World; News from Clubs
Reel 287 (February – April 2014) Burns Night for Bairns; SCD Beats Ageing; Memories of Ann Dix; Old music, new media; New Recordings; Letters: popular programmes – traditions and teaching – now there’s a thought or two; Pride and prejudice on the dance floor; News from Clubs
Reel 288 (May – August 2014) Focus on Youth; Scottish Country Dancing: the Great Post-War Transformation; The Andrew Rankine years; Partaking in a Piece of History (Green Ginger); New Recordings; Letters: taking the lead – children’s corner – RSCDS publications and Pilling diagrams – the little green book – popular programmes; News from Clubs; Humpty-Dumpty in St Petersburg
Reel 289 (September – November 2014) Dancing in a salt mine; Inspiring a love of dancing; Strathspey or not strathspey; New Recordings; Colin Hume does Scottish; Letters: more on taking the lead – box and fiddle – Scottish Reform – little green book; Lives remembered; News from Clubs; Commonwealth global ceilidh
Reel 290 (December 2014 – February 2015) Death of John Laurie; My first St Andrews; Dropping in for the Day School; Spring Fling 2015; Branch News; Lives remembered; Partners for The Eightsome Reel; New Recordings; Letters: seeking the Apolaustic life – heads and eyes up; SCD in Malaysia – Reely?; dancing cheek to cheek
Reel 291 (February 2015 – May 2015) Spring Fling 2015; Branch News – in 15 minutes – Jamie Walker; The Caledonian Reelers come to Pont St; Lives remembered – Ian Dennison, Janet Benton; An Interview with our new RSCDS Chairman, Jim Healy; Letters: sociability: dead or just dying? – Nineteenth of December; The Lady who would love to dance – a poem by Bruce McLaren; New Recordings; Going through hoops for the Cooper and his family; Gie her a Haggis!
Reel 292 (May 2015 – August 2015) London lit up by Spring Fling 2015; Lives remembered – Mary Stoker;  Letters: Sociability, dance programmes and recaps – should dancers ever have to sit out?; New Recordings; Marvellous mirth in Madrid; Club and Other News
Reel 293 (September – December 2015) Beating Retreat 2015; Branch News; Rediscovering Scottish Country Dances; Volunteers assemble for a London Kaper; Lives remembered – Bar Martlew; Letters: Confucius says – walk it through – fivew couples in a four couple set – why I am so happy when Scottish Country Dancing; New Recordings; A Scottish Country Dancing life in Africa and Asia; The very model of a modern media strategy! Reel293
Reel 294 (December 2015 – February 2016) Branch’s 85th anniversary celebrated in 1930s style; RSCDS News; A Prima Ballerina’s perspective on Scottish Country Dancing; Letters: Where is London’s Pride? – A Sense of Direction; New Recordings; Club and Other News Reel 294
Reel 295 (February – May 2016) Branch News; Dancing People; Scroll for ‘Railway Jim’; The Missing MacNabberies; RSCDS News – dance revisions; Lives remembered – Rowena Kelley; Honoured dancers – Lindsey and Philippe Rousseau; In 15 minutes – Lizzie Conder; Letters: back to basics – where are the 2 couple dances? – all black dominance – In lamentation; The Gay Gordons’ 10th anniversary ceilidh; Branch musicians’ workshop with Ian Robertson; New Recordings; Club and Other News; Making available the Historical Music of Scotland
Reel 296 (May- August 2016) Street party for the Queen’s 90th birthday; RSCDS News; Music for the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh; Letters: Tempus fugit – on your feet; Jim, a legend in his lifetime; New Recordings, Dancing in South East England and Beyond; “All Stations” to Bucharest
Reel 297 (September – December 2016) Wilson Nicol branch award; Will the real Lady Mary Douglas come forward?; Dancing Lives – Bill Forbes, Sir William Nicoll; New Recordings, Letters: returning to the dance floor – the right time to birl? – should every Club have one?, Dancing in South East England and Beyond; When Bournemouth became 50; Memories of Lucy Clark; The SCD Scene in Germany
Reel 298 (December 2016 – February 2017) London Branch Day School reports; RSCDS news; St Columba’s 60th Anniversary and dance; Dancing Lives – Moyna Gilbertson, Janet Aylward, Liz Houghton; New Recordings, Letters: too many books? – first aid and safety at dances – dancing on a Sunday – can down ever be up?; More on Mary Douglas; Reflections on my Dancing Father
Reel 299 (March – May 2017) New RSCDS Chairman Helen Russell; Dancing Lives – Alastair Aitkenhead, Irene Edgar; Milton Keynes masterclass with Keith Smith; Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot?; Letter: when do you start dancing?; Life after Unit 5
Reel 300 (May – September 2017) Those men and women who made their Reel mark; The Psychology of Scottish Dancing; How the Violin came to Scottish Dancing; Silver Cross from Then to Now; Back in the Day: Over 66 years of The Reel; Dancing Lives; Letters: from the chairman – from down under – from a vice-president in Scotland – from the USA – bees in my bonnet; Roy my Uncle – Personal Reflections of “The Minister off the Loch”