The Reel Archives – 251 to 275

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Editor: Daniel Capron (Issues 240-251)
Reel 251 (February – April 2005) First London Branch Awards; Teachers’ Associations by Jimmie Hill; Dancing in Japan by Maguy Paillet; More Reel Unwound; RSCDS Banffshire Branch 75th Anniversary; A Companion to the Reticule; Dance for Ruth; Letters: booking ahead – Germany’s first Branch; Dancing Through poem by Pat Batt
Editor: Wilson Nicol (Issues 252-279)
Reel 252 (May – August 2005) Our Dem Team Wins Three Cups; Obituary of Derek Haynes; New HQ magazine; The First Branch Secretary – Tom Bazalgette; New Vice President Rosemary Tilden; Impressions of Japan by Ann Dix; Highland Fling by Stephen Webb; Letters: dance programmes – 80th birthday (Perthshire Branch) – new blood – dem team costumes – Teachers’ Associations – booking dances ahead – more modern minds and manners
Reel 253 (September – Nov 2005) On Show – The CCPR Shows the Way to Keep Fit; New Members of the Committee – Malcolm Ferris-Lay, Andrew Kellet, Wilson Nicol, Lena Robinson, Roman Ryczkowycz; Highland Fling – Men welcome too by Stephen Webb; Obituary of Joan A Spencer; London Members Abroad; Entente Cordiale in Lyon
Reel 254 (December 2005 – February 2006) Outside cover pages now in colour. The Extravaganza – Report on the CCPR at the Albert Hall; Summer School report; The Music Makars at Summer School; Obituaries of Brian Hamilton, Jo Wilson and James Senior; Francis Peacock – Aberdeen Dancing Master; Are All Sets Ready by Robin Ellis; Letters: traditional dances – fan mail – dance programmes
Reel 255 (February – April 2006) A Flower by Another Name by Stephen Webb; Local Heroes by Andrew Kellett; Thomas Wilson – Dancing Master by Rosalind Zuridis; Our Quadrilles by Jimmie Hill; Seasons on the American East Coast by Chris Ronald; Letters: Nacton Hall – Summer School memories – Duchess of Atholl – promoting SCD more widely – memories
Reel 256 (May – August 2006) RSCDS Youth Director responds; Members Abroad by Jim Cook; Widening the Appeal of SCD by Susanna Hawkins; The Sash, is it Here to Stay by Stephen Webb; Mary Stoker reminisces; Joseph Lowe – Royal Dancing Master by Alastair MacFadyen; Letter from John Mitchell on Our Quadrilles; The Demonstration Team’s Arctic Adventure by Andrew Nolan
Reel 257 (September – Nov 2006) James Scott Skinner by Rosalind Zuridis; Mary Stoker’s further reminiscences; What’s in Your Loft by Mike Wilson-Jones; Travels with an RSCDS Teacher by Anna Crawford; Obituary of Pat Batt; Lucky Heather by Stephen Webb; Letters: Musicians’ workshop – Hugh Foss – Helen Townley – one of the earliest kilts – new dances – MCs
Reel 258 (December 2006 – March 2007) Now includes centre-page colour photos. London Branch Awards to John and Anne King and John Reeve; New RSCDS Chairman Irene Bennett; The Big Dance by Angela Young; The MacLennans: Dancers and Pipers by Alastair MacFadyen; The 19th Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival by Graham and Caroline Hamilton; Letters: name that tune – dem team – dancing shoes – the strathspey tempo
Reel 259 (March – May 2007) Burns Night Ceilidh report; Mini Crib, Maxi Use by Stewart Murray; Rural Dancies in Eastern Scotland by Rosalind Zuridis; Obituary of Hugh Thurston; Review of the London Branch CD; Letters: dancing shoes – that logo – strathspey tempo – Peter Luke
Reel 260 (May – August 2007) The General Class – What’s it all About by Stephen Webb and Grace Hill; Five-Couple Dances; Will you MC our next dance please? by Andrew Kellett; New kid on the block; The Adamsons of Fife by Rosalind Zuridis; Bill Clement highlights; Schottisches by John W Mitchell; Obituary for Elma Taylor; Letters: lost the plot – the logo – white dresses – Shetland workshop – strathspey tempo – Sporty? – Reel interesting
Reel 261 (September – November 2007) Mary Isdale McNab by Simon Wales; Programmes – Programmes by Robin Ellis; Have Train Will Travel by Jim Cook; Recipe for Harmony by Diana Sarran; Iain Stuart Robertson and the Coronation Highland Ball by Bill Clement; Flood, fire and picnics; An unusual teaching experience; Letters: MC wakeup; big bands; step classes, Marie Jamieson; warm up dance; Canadian Barn Dance; Hugh Foss dances; Street names; strathspeys – cameras at dances – guidance for MCs
Reel 262 (December 2007 – February 2008) London Branch awards for Rita Marlow, Peter Luke and George Potts; Roy Goldring – An Appreciation by Andrew Cockett; Dance Scottish Week report; Summer School for All Ages by James Fairbairn; The makings of a musician; Letters: strathspeys – George Lawson – small is beautiful too – dancing on board – cameraman never
Reel 263 (February – April 2008) Body Clutching by Wilson Nicol; The Chelsea Reel Club – Adieu; Ladies Step Dances by John Mitchell; fostering contact with Branches and members; Dancing on a moving carpet; Can you have too many encores?; Gordon Simpson; The Jimmy McIntosh Reel; Letters: the eyes have it – strathspeys – Weston Turville Charity dance
Reel 264 (May – August 2008) It’s Good to be the Musician by Wendy Desborough; Winter School reports by Christine Hastie and Andy Wiener; Chiswick Club reports; Scottish Dancing Pre-History by John Mitchell; Kafoozalum by Simon Wales; Letters: booking dances – appeal to young dancers – research into Scottish dancing – Ladies step dancing
Reel 265 (September – December 2008) New from Somerset Branch; George Meikle Ventures South; Invercauld Scottish Dance Band; Dancing in Kiev by Jim Cook; Cherry Blossom Tour by Christine Hastie; Letters: musicians – booking dances – repairing the kilt – electronic Reel – A hard choice – Frederick Hill – Red House
Reel 266 (December 2008 – February 2009) London Branch Awards to Charlie Galloway and Sandy Walker; New RSCDS Chairman Alex Gray; Scottish Dancing Pre-History part 3; The Art(fulness) of Writing Scottish Dances by Elizabeth Woodman; Take the Floor comes to London; Letters: musicians – a hard choice – repairing the kilt – The Clansman – warm-ups
Reel 267 (February – April 2009) Taking the Heat out of Warm-Ups by Ken and Bar Martlew; Leicester Branch RSCDS; Dancing Through the Ages by Wilson Nicol; Why Don’t I Wear a Kilt by Ian Cutts; Obituary of Jimmy McIntosh; The Flowers of Edinburgh by Rosemary Coupe; Letters: Is wrong ever right – Dance Scottish Week – Role of MC – The Immoral Bonnie Anne
Reel 268 (May – August 2009) New membership rates; Family dance enthuses children; Irene Caithness (Grant); The Musicians’ Day; A Further Call from New Zealand; Dancing in Antarctica; Letters: recapping – ceilidh MC – Dance Scottish – singing Scottish – dancing terminology – dress for country dancing – the wearin o’ the kilt – Highland dancing
Reel 269 (September – November 2009) 80th Anniversary year; Editorial policy; Editorial – the future of the RSCDS; La Musique adoucit les moeurs; New Committee members; Musical May comments; New Recordings; Going on-line without a computer; Alastair Aitkenhead on Arran; Bruce Herbold from San Francisco teaches in London; Going online without a computer; Letters: kilts – counting – greetings from Toronto – recapping – musicians – walk through
Reel 270 (December 2009 – February 2010) London Branch awards to Meryl and Ian Thomson; 80th Anniversary; Summer School 2009; Dance Scottish Branch Dance (The Vancouver view); RSCDS at Feis; The Portland Collection; Music and the Dance; New Recordings; Letters: recapping – musicians – Day School – future of the RSCDS – sprung floors – non-Scottish tunes – Mr Hoult – George Meikle at the Thistle – what number are we – have we stropped thinking
Reel 271 (February – April 2010) 80th Anniversary event notices; Obituary of Dr Ellen Garvie; Around the birth of the Branch; The Demonstration; New Recordings; Fiddlers Rally Round; Letters: anonymity and live music – sprung floors – Singapore St Andrews Society
Reel 272 (May – August 2010) Winter School; Newcastle 2010; The Diary of a Spring Flinger; John W Mitchell analyses some modern dances; Leeds Festival 1963; The Diary of a Spring Flinger; Letters: dancing with grapefruit – announcements at dances – New Zealand Summer School; Where do Diplomats dance?
Reel 273 (September – November 2010) Swanwick Success!; RSCDS website; New Recordings; Buckingham Palace Garden Party; Girl Guide Centenary; Letters: comments on dances – weekend school – is it here to stay – Demonstration group; Buckingham Palace Garden Party; Elements in planning a technique class; The Dance Society London; Midsummer Magic in Chiswick
Reel 274 (December 2010 – February 2011) RSCDS AGM in Perth; Ruth Beattie the new RSCDS chairman; John Mitchell Branch award; Anniversary Ball; Summer School 2010; Letters: kilt pins – Caddam Wood – Paternoster Square; Nicol McLaren in London; CC{R Show at Albert Hall; New Recordings; Lifestyle Changes; The Lucy Clark Scottish Dance Club; The Dance Society London
Reel 275 (February 2011 – May 2011)

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Exchange magazines; Newcomers – confused? you should be; How does the RSCDS go about producing a new book; Bagpipes for SCD; South East Teachers’ Association; Sword Dances; Letters: Bit by the quadrille – Paternoster Square – Caddam Wood; New Recordings; The Tea Ceilidh; James Oswald; The Hill family at the Christmas Dance; George Meikle leads again; Thoughts for Valentine’s Day