The Reel Archives – 226 to 250

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Editor: Andrew Kellett (Issues 198-226)
Reel 226 (December 1998 – February 1999) Alex Westwood legacy; RSCDS AGM in Glasgow report; Day School at Sutton; Teachers’ workshop with Elma McCausland report; Strategy Page; SE Herts celebrates 40 years; Paris celebrates RSCDS 75th anniversary with International Ball and dinner; The St Johntoun Reel (Innes Russell); Letters: more dances per hour – the problem of age – isolation of the Society – organisation of the Society; Obituary: John Bowie Dickson, Richard Smith
Editor: Jim Cook (Issues 227-239)
Reel 227 (February – April 1999) New RSCDS Chairman Linda Gaul; Strategy Page; London tunes on Radio Scotland; Jimmy Shand awarded knighthood; report on 75th anniversary dance; Obituary for Alan Humberstone; Letters: views on RSCDS strategy; praise for Sunday advanced technique class
Reel 228 (May – August 1999) Where are all the young male dancers?; Strategy update; DanceData – SCD on your computer; Alan Humberstone celebration; Letters: ceilidh dancing – Imperial Society – Progress of the RSCDS – giving of hands
Reel 229 (September – November 1999) Thank goodness it rained at Polesden Lacey; A Trip to the Drakensburg; Scottish Tattoo at the Albert Hall; Branch committee changes; Jimmy McIntosh on Summer Tuesdays; Round and About; Lago al completo; Dancing in London 200 years ago by Malcolm Johnson; Letters: mailing handover – giving of hands – dancing in Hungary – dusty floors – ceilidh dancing – praise of classes – meeting dancers at Accountants seminar; Pat Batt’s poetry
Reel 230 (December 1999 – February 2000) From dinosaurs to fruit cake; ‘The Fruit Cake’ dance; The strathspey reel by Anne Daye; Are you an onion?; The certificate class experience; A Musical treat Shetland style; report on the Society AGM in Edinburgh; The Tartan Jigsaw; Society changes mind about music course; Letters: clashing of dates – tempo for dancing – treating dodgy knees and ankles
Reel 231 (February – April 2000) Autumn in Rechberg; “Drumheller” a dance devised by John Drewry; Ann Dix’s ‘Culla Bay’ in book 41; Mats Melin on Shetland Dancing, The strathspey reel part 2 by Anne Daye; Letters: clashing dates – Jimmy Shand
Reel 232 (May – August 2000) Profile – Keith Smith; Youth work; new secretary at HQ (Elspeth Gray); Bill Ireland retires from the Branch committee; Some thoughts on the choreography of Scottish country dances by Rosalind Zuridis; The first Winter School at Pitlochry
Reel 233 (September – November 2000) Introducing Mary Murray; Branch committee changes; Reel Friends Book 2; Letters: Birks of Invermay, moving up – choreography – altitude record – warming up – joint protection; Another wet Polesdon Lacey; The Argylls in Argyll
Reel 234 (December 2000 – February 2001) Brian Hamilton Scottish Country Dance Band; A Mair’s Tale; Creating and Managing the Branch Website; London Branch Demonstration Team; Obituary of Ivy Hayes, Bryan Bredin and Peggy Nolan; Letters: warming up – Birks of Invermay (moving up) – ending reels of 3 – Auld Lang Syne and National Anthem
Reel 235 (February – April 2001) Random Jottings from Sound Company; Change, but at pace we can cope with – by Andrew Kellett; Cook goes Cuckoo!; Obituary of Jimmy Shand, John Bowman; Rechberg Weekend; Roselath Cross; Letters: future of the Society – warming up – children dancing – prebooking partners
Reel 236 (May – August 2001) Owen Meyer Forty Years On; Dancers on the Silver Screen; Poems by Mary Quinton and Elizabeth Opie; The Reel/Jig Poussette by Wilson Nicol; advertising services in the Reel and on the Web; Windmills of Spain Iberian Gathering; Dem team at Newcastle; Poetry corner; Short story: a missed opportunity
Reel 237 (September – November 2001) Bill Ireland on 50 years of London Branch; The Reel goes Cuckoo! by Jim Cook; Jimmy Shand – The End of an Era; Hugh Foss/New Zealand connection; Branch dances – the London Reel and the Fruit Cake; (Not) Polesden Lacey; Dancing down the Danube; Letters: Owen Meyer – counting sets – poussette – size of print – prebooking dances
Reel 238 (December 2001 – February 2002) Green Ginger – What’s in a Name; Happy 50th birthday to The Reel; Day School report; New Dance Books by John Drewry; “Vanessa” and “Susan” dances by John Drewry; Scottish dancing by Lake Maggiore; Letters: Croydon Branch foundation – JB Milne – extremes of dancing – music with dance books – warming up – prebooking dances – dance programmes – size of print – left foot or right foot
Reel 239 (February – May 2002) A Musical Journey – Dave Hall’s Band; “Wivenhoe Waves” dance by Rosalind Kaye and “The Nut Loaf” by Iain Boyd; John and Sheena Sturrock have moved; Jimmy Shand sculpture project; Letter: looking at the floor
Editor: Daniel Capron (Issues 240-251)
Reel 240 (May – August 2002) Dancing in the Land of the Cossaks by Ilona Gumenyuk and Jim Cook; Society subs increase; The MacLennan Scottish Group by Simon Wales; Obituaries of Andrew Gillies, Clare Cox and Joan Gilbert; Demonstration Team Success in Newcastle; Scottish Country Dancing in My Life by Jack Judson; Letters: Sir Jimmy Shand sculpture – covering in reels of 3
Reel 241 (September – November 2002) Treasures Uncovered at 12 Coates Crescent by Rosalind Zuridis; Easter School at Stirling for 18-30s; Thoughts of a Retiring Chairman by Simon Wales; Cooks Tours by Jim Cook; Getting by With a Little Help From Our Friends by Diana Sarran; Dancing with Kiwis by Elizabeth Woodman
Reel 242 (December 2002 – February 2003) Death of Bill Ireland; Introducing RSCDS Chairman Jean Martin; London Branch Day School report; The Reel goes Cuckoo; “The CookCooksnest” dance by Eric Ferguson and “Wedding in the Kuckucksnest” dance by Ken Martlew with music for both by Ken Martlew; The Fine Art of Standing Still; Letters: Miss Milligan’s handbag – Niel Gow – Mrs McNab – Dance the year round in New Zealand and in Britain; The Argylls! Who?
Reel 243 (February – May 2003) A Day in the Life at Headquarters by Elspeth Gray; St Andrews – The Missing Years by Jeremy Hill; London Branch Vice President Ellen Garvie writes about herself; Obituaries of Bill Ireland and Jean Yeats; Letters: The Oxford Ball – The Reel goes Cuckoo
Reel 244 (May – August 2003) Our Ladies Won the Cup! Demonstration team in Newcastle; Dem team’s farewell to Dave and Judy Hall; RSCDS 80th Anniversary Ball; The Great Stretching Debate by Rosemary Coupe; The End of an Era at St Columba’s – John Laurie’s Retirement; McBain’s Band remembered; Letters: white dresses – Sir Jimmy Shand scultpure – Bill Ireland
Reel 245 (September – November 2003) The Day the World Danced report; At Polseden Lacey – the year the sun shone; Obituary of Howard Booth (Vice President); “Manual Labour” poem by Margret Talbot; Letter: second chord
Reel 246 (December 2003 – February 2004) Dancing by the Black Sea by Jim Cook; Society AGM Weekend report; Unveiling of Jimmy Shand statue; From the Black Isle to the Black Sea dance by Drewry; Scottish Country Dancing: Fun of Life-Threatening (from TACTalk); Prague Scottish Country Dance Week report; The Highland Ball report
Reel 247 (February – May 2004) Join us and thrive – we’ll be 75; Consultation – Should the society be branch-based or member-based?; Summer School – my first time; Letters: white dresses; Scroll of Honour recipients; Croydon Branch celebrate their 50th anniversary
Reel 248  (May – August 2004) Happy Memories – Jenny Greene Heads North; Consultation response; Ladie step dancing – last of Jenny Greene classes; Fifteen Days on the Burns Circuit by Barry Pipes; New Light on Hugh Foss by Daniel Capron; Obituary of Donald Wood
Reel 249  (September – Nov 2004) London Branch is 75; Headquarters Consultation; London Branch late 50s and 60s; A Trip to Pau report; Reeling on the Quais de Saone; Dancers in the Rain by Penny Fee; Letters: shouters – the naked truth – the 60s and now
Reel 250  (December 2004 – February 2005) Meet Stewart Adam – new RSCDS chairman; The Reel Unwound – Extracts from earlier Reels; Entente Cordiale celebration; At Last! Germany’s First Branch; Branch development self-assessment;  Obituary – Robert Ferguson; Letters: Memories of dems past – the RSCDS in the 21st century – the naked truth – booking dances