The Reel Archives – 201 to 225

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 Editor: Andrew Kellett (Issues 198-226)
Reel 201 (August – October 1992) London Weekend School Group’s Easter meeting at Twickenham; Paris Branch Easter Weekend at Angers; Invitation to complete a Branch dance programme; Obituary for John Brodey and Jimmie Findlater, Filling Bill Ireland’s shoes by Paul Plummer, Branch AGM – a disappointing turnout; Letters: a resume – cheapness of dancing – Hugh Foss; Scottish Reels – a reprint from Reel 88
Reel 202 (November 1992 – February 1993) Dance programme competition; Members’ Summer holidays; Thank you from Joan Spencer for her retirement party from Dem class; Robert Mackay’s comments on music and dance; Letters: open air dancing –  what do do with the Branch’s profits – right foot possuette; what recording would 4 experts choose to give for Christmas on cassette?
Reel 203 (February – April 1993) Branch matters; Demonstration class; The Society AGM 1992 a trip to Aberdeen; Review of the RSCDS Manual; Nurturing the shoots by Marilyn Watson; The Dance Makars part II by Roy Goldring; Obituaries for Tom Steele and Peter Quinn; Bill Clement explains Recording music for the Society; Letters: improving the Branch – publicity – publishing articles from the Reel
Reel 204 (May – August 1993) Branch matters; Demonstration team; Mainly fair with occasional volcanic eruptions (a view from the chair by Andrew Cockett); The Dance Makars part II by John Drewry; Trial by Drury; The New Dances – a poem by Pat Batt; The Donald Collection (Dance Archives, Hugh Foss); Letters: The manual and the jeté – classes
Reel 205 (September – November 1993) IDTA test for children; The Chairman’s introduction by Wilson Nicol; seeking a Branch archivist; Ladies step day school; Wandsworth in May – a headache; The new manual for teachers; First Musicians’ Day School; Dance music competition; The Music Makars I The Fiddle by Ian Robertson; Guest column on Children and SCD by Tony Dewdney; First positions everybody please; Early days; New dance “Tom’s Friends”; Letters: classes – worth of children’s classes – dances too difficult – London is cliquish
Reel 206 (December 1993 – February 1994) Reel first printed by Cassio Graphics; Andrew Nicol wins dance music competition; 40 years of McBain’s Band, report on Society AGM in Edinburgh; The Music Makars II The Accordion by Ian Muir; Robert Burns country dancer; The Society’s formation in 1923; Dress – the good form guide; Letters: Branch cliquishness – difficult new dances – dullness of bands – live music – young dancers
Reel 207 (February – May 1994) RSCDS Executive report – Rachel Wilton takes over from Margaret Shaw; Ladies step dancing; Iris Anderson wins Christmas Quiz; Young Scottish Dancers Association; Ceilidh dancing in the News; How others see us (English dancer’s views); Music Makars III The Piano by Heulwen Hall; Obituary for Jean McColm; Letters: dress at dances – children’s dance – usual repertoire – new dances
Reel 208 (May – August 1994) Craigowl Band stuck in snowdrift (Robin Ellis to the rescue); Iris Anderson appointed Branch archivist; A Taste of Madeira; London Branch in the news; Obituary for Ron Gonnella; The Music Makars IV The Bagpipes by Charlie Galloway; Round and About; Letters: better standard of dress – ceilidh dancing – Tam O’Shanter – Trial by Drewry – Dancing abroad
Reel 209 (September – November 1994) Obituary for Tom Simpson; The Psychology of Scottish Dancing by Dr Michael Argyle; Injury and Prevention in Scottish Dancing by Sharon Turl; Four Weddings and a Funeral; The Pipes of Peace; Round and About, “Polesden Lacey” a dance devised by Gill Russell; Junior dancing at Medway and Bournemouth; Letters: wearing the kilt; abstracts from the archives
Reel 210 (December 1994 – February 1995) Report on the Society AGM in Perth which almost wasn’t by Simon Wales; An interview with George Lawson RSCDS Chairman; Round and About; Archives a living issue; The Argyll Dancing Group; Bill Ireland teaches in Japan; John Laurie visits Rio de Janeiro; Letters: women or ladies – Irene Stewart during the War – dancing for charity – clashing dates – Edinburgh Festival show; Obituary: Margaret Ogilvie
Reel 211 (February – May 1995) Executive council report on charities issue; Ball in Bangkok (Mary Stoker); Reeling in London; Dancing in France and Tokyo; Letters: Ladies and women – No to Friday dances – band a major factor in going to a dance; information on whirligig at Branch dances
Reel 212 (May – August 1995) Gill, Parker becomes new HQ secretary; Dance world at Olympia; Upland dancers raise money for charity; Two left feet; Survey 1995 – Review (poor response); Foot care; Going to Scotland this summer?; SCD radio workshop; Letters: Ball or dance? – MCs duties – Men and Ladies – teacher’s styles – playing the anthem
Reel 213 (September – November 1995) Report on Branch AGM; SE Dance Diary first issue; Competition: History of dances (no response); Scottish dancing on the world wide web by Jim Healy; Obituary for Anna Holden; Pat’s Final Fling poem; 1745 and all that by Barbara Peel; A weekend in New York; Letters: dancing in Edinburgh – Men and ladies – MCs
Reel 214 (December 1995 – February 1996) Report on Society AGM Troon; Day School at Wimbledon report; The Reel Christmas quiz; Obituary for Bernard Rackley; Letters: what’s happened to the old dances – Prince Charles – Come to Debbie’s class; Dem team in Brittany; Piping cold in St Andrews; Dancing in the Royal Albert Hall with CCPR; Kelpie Annual Scottish Dance award; Pianist’s Day School with Moira Reekie
Reel 215 (February – April 1996) Obituary for Ronnie Ryall; Charities legislation for the Branch; The Demonstration by Sandy Atkinson; Letters: RSCDS dances absent from programmes – boys at children’s dance need partners; The Nicols in New Zealand; Cambridge accordion and fiddle society; Lyon Group 10th anniversary ball; SE diary now on the internet; Spotlight on dance report of CCPR at RAH
Reel 216 (May to August 1996) Branch archives; Letters: origin of dances – social spirit; Scottish country dancing & Argyll broadswords book reviews; Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust; A View from the Bridge – dancing in San Francisco; Warming up; Chris Woodhead’s Dancing standard; Obituary for Alex Westwood, Peggy Jones; Mary Isdale McNabb: Choreographer
Reel 217 (September – November 1996) Summer social classes; New dance ‘Miss Frances Stamp’; Dance World at Wembley; Demonstration team news; Executive council report; new committee members; Letters: behaviour at dances – Mrs McNab’s lost dances
Reel 218 (December 1996 – February 1997) Day School at Wimbledon report; Society AGM in Dundee report; A Meeting with the RSCDS President Lord Mansfield; Dancing in Australia; Weekend dancing in Cornwall; Letters: monotonous bands – the origin of dances – MCs and etiquette
Reel 219 (February -April 1997) Licence agreement signed with HQ; 19 years on and the demonstration team are still generating; new recordings; The history of some Scottish dances by Andrew Kellett; Obituary for John McDonald; The MC – an asset or necessary evil; Letters: starting with 2 couple dance – ceilidh success – power of the MC
Reel 220 (May – August 1997) Photos showing what captures the spirit of SCD; Kenwood; Island Fling; Letters: 75th anniversary logo – 2 couple dances – successful ceilidh evning – snobbery – praise for children exam organisers
Reel 221 (September – November 1997) New committee members; new recordings; Letters: the best photos of dancers – 2 couple dances – snobbery or loyalty – musician’s course – original tune; summer classes; movement generation at the Royal Festival Hall
Reel 222 (December 1997 – February 1998) Day School report; Society AGM in Aberdeen report – Mary Stoker gets Society Scroll; The history and development of the country dance by Alan MacPherson; Leslie Pilling reluctant hero; Letters: dusty floors – music reviews – dancing in long sets – concentrate on simple dances – CD quality; Obituary: Alan Forbes
Reel 223 (February – April 1998) Dance Scottish in the UK (youth celebration of 75th Anniversary); Re-launch into a new strategy for the millenium; Weekend School at Brunel with Mervyn Short and Neil Barron; Letters: dusty floors – Pilling’s origins; Belgian Folk festival; The Reinstein’s troubles at the Society AGM; The Scottish Clans Association; Obituaries: Bobby Watson, Pat Harvey, Ian Patience
Reel 224 (May – August 1998) RSCDS SE Branches 75th Anniversary Ball; The Strategy Page; Dance Data; Letters: teachers – kilts or trews
Reel 225 (September – November 1998) Joan Gilbert retires; RSCDS SE Branches 75th Anniversary Festival Hove; The Strategy Page; Dancing for the Queen – 75th Anniversary reception in Edinburgh; Obituary: Frances Stamp, Robert Elliot-Taylor