The Reel Archives – 176 to 200

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Editor: John Laurie (Issues 145-164, 166-197)
Reel 176 (May – July 1986) Dem team auditions; Letter: from Andrew Kellett on children’s classes, editor’s notes on music for dances
Reel 177 (August – October 1986) Robin Ellis dance – celebrates 21 years as band leader; obituary for David Lowe, Denmark ’86; poem by Pat Batt – I’m a two sex Scottish Dancer….
Reel 178 (November 1986 – January 1987) Record reviews; “Argyll is My Name” dance devised by John Drewry, letters: Ageing dancers –  in reply about children’s classes; Mr & Mrs Booth now up in Kendal; The demonstration team at Chantilly Racecourse
Reel 179 (February – April 1987) Letters: reeling – the ageing Scottish dance population – expensive dancing, Demonstration class notes – Rita Marlowe and Wilson Nicol retire; “The White Rose of Scotland” dance devised by Elma Taylor, record reviews of Ron Gonnella, Jim MacLeod, Deidre Adamson and Ian Hardie
Reel 180 (May – July 1987) Letters: price of dance tickets – encouraging children – Easthampstead weekend; Editor’s notes on Branch dances, “MacLeod’s Maidens” a dance devised by John Drewry, Celebrating Age at the Royal Albert Hall
Reel 181 (August – October 1987) Peter Morrison concert, English and Scottish by Colin Hume
Reel 182 (November 1987 – January 1988) New books; record review; letter about selling Cecil Sharp House; Southern Summer School; “A Valley full of tree-tops” a dance devised by John Drewry, report on Branch AGM – new constitution adopted; Editorial – Mr & Mrs Booth awarded scroll by Society – Mr & Mrs Marlow’s phone used by the Branch in the London telephone directory
Reel 183 (February – April 1988) Letter: stepping up and down – in reply about Cecil Sharp House; Demonstration class notes, report on Celebrating Age event and poem by Pat Batt
Reel 184 (May – July 1988) “The Bridge of Sighs” a dance devised by John Drewry, report on Weekend School 1988 by Jean Nicol; Letter: dangers of teaching from cribs; Easthampstead weekend school
Reel 185 (August – October 1988) Retirement of Bill Ireland from teaching classes, report on Branch AGM – Ian Anderson to take over Bookstall; Branch Diamond Jubilee – Dinner/Dance and new dance competition; “The Octocentennial Jig” a dance devised by John Drewry
Reel 186 (November 1988 – January 1989) New dance competition; Demonstration team’s visit to Saumur, France; Editorial apologies due to postal strike; Letter: Jim MacLeod playing slowly
Reel 187 (February – April 1989) Report on dances – Bobby Crowe and Ian Powrie at Chelsea Old Town Hall; 33 entries rfor Diamond Jubilee dance competition; Demonstration class notes – Bill Ireland to retire and Ruth Morgan retires to New Zealand; How I missed a demonstration by Joan Spencer
Reel 188 (May – July 1989) “Reel Aid” Day of dancing round the world; Letter: left please in Mairi’s Wedding reels
Reel 189 (August – October 1989) Branch Diamond Jubilee Year; Letters: right or left in Mairi’s Wedding reels; “The Dancing Master” a dance devised by John Drewry, results of the Diamond Jubilee dance competition, Bill Ireland says thank you for his retirement party; Nelson & Barbara Wallace now in Yarm; Aide Memoires
Reel 190 (November 1989 – January 1990) Editorial on lack of replies to letters and balance of dances on programmes, Reel Aid at Summer School, Letter: differentiating between a reel and a chase;  Obituary for Ian Imrie Stoker
Reel 191 (February – April 1990) Letters: reels of four – need to vary dance programmes – advantage of recapping; Obituary for Henry George Draper; The trials and tribulations of living in Norfolk – “Reel Aid” Norfolk 1989; “Cambuskenneth” a dance devised by John Drewry; Perth welcomes AGM
 Editors: John Laurie (Issues 145-197) and Jeremy Hill (Issues 192-197)
Reel 192 (May – July 1990) A tune query – The Edinburgh Musical Fund; Letters: recaps – manners – MCs – childrenb’s class; Easthampstead Park review
Reel 193 (August – October 1990) Editorial on dance etiquette, The Scottish Reel Club, Obituary for David Griffiths, “Don’t ask” said the Gods by Iris Anderson; teachers certificates – Mairi Scanlan, Maureen Campbell, Pat Davoll, Ann Dix, June Rose; The dem team in Taiwan
Reel 194 (November 1990 – January 1991) Obituary for J Irene Stewart (1st Reel editor), Jeremy Hill and Rachel Wilton write from St Andrew’s Summer School
Reel 195 (February – April 1991) Life in the Demonstration Class (Jeremy’s Jottings), Our friends in New Zealand by Wilson Nicol
Reel 196 (May – July 1991) Last dance at Porchester; Editorial on size of bands; “Invereshie” a dance devised by John Drewry; letter: specifying how dances should be danced; Don’t be poussed around – the poussette; Obituary for Nan Fleming-Williams
Reel 197 (August – October 1991) Branch AGM; Summer activities; Demonstration Class notes; editorial on his last Reel as editor by John Laurie; Letters: dancing in the olden days – poussette – band size
Editor: Andrew Kellett (Issues 198-226)
Reel 198 (November 1991 – January 1992) Branch matters; a riposte from HQ on election of 6 members of Esxecutive Council; So where were you in the summer?; The poussette argument rumbles on; Hertfordshire Highland Games Society; The Southport book reviewed
Reel 199 (February – April 1992) Branch matters; Society AGM Dundee report; Questionnaire issued to Branch members; Reel subscription goes up to £3.50; RSCDS Executive report, Guest column by Jimmie Hill on Brighton Branch; letter: what is happening to Scottish dancing in London – recapping is deplored?
Reel 200 (May – July 1992) Sound Company plays for the Branch for the first time; London University Scottish Dance Society; “The Reel” questionnaire results; In my opinion by Wilma Miller; looking at 200 editions of The Reel; facsimile of first issue; Guest column by Graeme Forrester; Competitive dancing by Bill Forbes; The MacLennans; Letters: move away from traditional to new dances – recaps