The Reel Archives – 151 to 175

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Editor: John Laurie (Issues 145-164, 166-197)
Reel 151 (February – April 1980) Branch AGM decisions, Society AGM in Edinburgh, Record reviews from California, Canada, Glasgow, Newcastle and London; A Foggy Night in London Town – dancing with 6 ladies and 14 men
Reel 152 (May – July 1980) Easthampstead Park Weekend “Top of the Hops”; Jubilee Concert; “The Alder Burn” dance devised by John Drewry
Reel 153 (August – October 1980) Editors notes; Obituary for David Findlay, Polesden Lacey rained inside again, Letter to our Membership Secretary from oldest Branch member Fred Hobbs; Heather and Yon
Reel 154 (November 1980 – January 1981) Obituaries of John Brown (piper) and Hector Macandrew, Bill Powrie and Lindsay Ross, Frank Reid on Radio Scotland, Record reviews of Bobby Crowe, Bobby Brown and others; Carswella news – Summer Dancing in Newton Abbot
Reel 155 (February – April 1981) The Demonstration Class moves to escape crippling fees, Letter: Dean Brig, a visit to Sweden by Stan Watts, Paperchase by Gerald Hitchcock
Reel 156 (May – July 1981) Letters: from a satisfied member – background to dances; Reeling from Easthampstead
Reel 157 (August – October 1981) Polesden Lacey – 400 there; The Demonstration Class; A new look at Central Institute (classes venue); Obituary – Stephen Gordon, Jean Patrick (Sanford)
Reel 158 (November 1981 – January 1982) Notice of a cookery book compiled by Mary Stoker and published by the R.S.C.D.S.
Reel 159 (February – April 1982) Editor’s appeal for reader’s contributions to The Reel and swinging; “Bydand” a dance devised by John Drewry for the late Stephen Gordon of London; “Learning to Teach” a poem by Mary Ravnkilde
Reel 160 (May – July 1982) Obituaries of Bill Cheffins, Donnie McBain, Marion Pickstone and Jimmy Blair; Letter: Swinging (on bad handholds) and John Laurie’s reply – congratulations to the dem team; Record reviews of Bobby Crowe, Andrew Rankine, Rob Gordon, Jim MacLeod and the Fiddlers Companion
Reel 161 (August – October 1982) The Richmond Festival; Obituary of Elizabeth Sheldon; Letters:Muriel Johnstone drops a clanger – support for Mr Frances
Reel 162 (November 1982 – January 1983) Letters: repeat of tunes – setting levels of proficiency – and from Peter Quinn in New Zealand; Delft Branch Whitsun Course; Record Reviews; Branch hon. president Ellen Garvie succeeded by Alex Westwood; obituary of Ronnie Cooper and Brian Leage
Reel 163 (February – April 1983) Many notices and adverts but no articles; comment from John Laurie on the lack of responses or contributions, London Branch badge
Reel 164 (May – July 1983) Easthampstead Weekend School report; Letter THE CASE OF THE MISSING “ANDS”; “Scotia” a dance by John Drewry
Editor: Andrew Brown (Issue 165)
Reel 165 (August – October 1983) RSCDS diamond jubilee celebration concert; Reel of the 51st Division article by Michael Young; Record reviews of Rob Gordon, Ron Gonella and Andrew Rankine; “Nacton Hall” dance devised by Judy Dix
Editor: John Laurie (Issues 145-164, 166-197)
Reel 166 (November 1984 – January 1984) Letters: Origins of SCD and dances; Record reviews; “The Merry Uplanders” dance by Wendy Kellett; Porchester Hall outside caterers replaced by “bring your own food and drink”; Editor’s complaint about the standard of spelling in advertisements submitted to The Reel
Reel 167 (February – April 1984) Obituary of Jack Farr, drummer with McBain’s band since 1946
Reel 168 (May – July 1984) New dance – Double Triumph by John Drewry; Letters: Origin of Scottish Dances including a list not included in Emmerson – twisted names; Dance with your Soul reviewd; Sports Council “Movement and Dance Liaison Group” report; Spring dance report “sadly only about 200 people attended”
Reel 169 (August – October 1984) Record reviews of Bobby Crowe, Rob Gordon and Jim Dawson
Reel 170 (November 1985 – January 1985) Tributes to Phyllis and Harry Draper on their move to Inverness by Mary Stoker and Bill Ireland; “Take the Floor” comes to London; News from Singapore (Andy and Marjorie Brown); The Innenstadtfest at Veirnheim with Stan Watts; Letter: News from Ellen Garvie
Reel 171 (February – April 1985) Demonstration Class notes and Jenny Greene retires; Letters: Marriage customs – right music for the dance – differentiating reels and jigs;  “Jiggery Pokery” poem by Dennis Tucker, “Mary Morison” dance by John Drewry
Reel 172 (May – July 1985) Letters: Day school creche – right music for the dance; Easthampstead Weekend report
Reel 173 (August – October 1985) Demonstration Class notes on busy schedule; Letters: Dances for tunes – music for teaching
Reel 174 (November 1985 – January 1986) Children’s Spring dance – disappointing; Editorial – all about tunes; J B Milne; Letter: dance indexing
Reel 175 (February – April 1986) “Come out of your Buckie” dance by John Drewry; Obituary of Andrew Rankine; Demonstration Class notes; Letter: indexing dances