The Reel Archives – 126 to 150

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Editor: Rita Marlow (Issues 124-144)
Reel 126 (November 1973 – January 1974) Branch AGM, Letters to the Editor from Wilson Nicol and Gill Russell on the AGM and committee candidates, from Frank McLaren on a previous criticism of the Golden Jubilee concert and subsidising visits
Reel 127 (February – April 1974) Price of the Reel goes up to 15p oer copy or 50p a year, Bisham Abbey, ABC at Bisham Abbey, Book review “The Swinging Sporran”, Crossword
Reel 128 (May – July 1974) HQ Publications Committee considering recording music for Step Practice, The Good dancing guide by Egg-on Ronnie, Robertus Incedit verses about dem class,  EFDSS Festival and the dem team, Obituary for Mrs Keir Ferguson (vice president)
Reel 129 (August – October 1974) Record reviews, Day School 1974 report, AGM at Rutherford, Easter Weekend
Reel 130 (November 1974 – January 1975) Comment on Summer Schools and Day Schools by “The Cloven Hoof”, meeting of Vice presidents suggesting the Reel should have more articles, Letters: Edict from HQ about non Society dances, record reviews
Reel 131 – (February – April 1975 Bill Ireland appointed Society examiner, Letter commenting on how pleasing that dance programmes are not all RSCDS dances, Comment on foreign Branches by “The Cloven Hoof”
Reel 132 (May – July 1975) Bill Ireland and Mary Stoker teaching in the US, Letter to the editor on how dancing has helped her nervous disposition, letter complaining about dance programmes not having all RSCDS dances
Reel 133 (August – November 1975) AGM report, Easter Weekend at Fanhams Hall, Ware 1975, Letters: Old and new dances – need for discussion – trad dances – need to revise RSCDS books – enjoyment- unfriendliness of London Branch – The one and the missing 1000, Dances devised by John Drewry “The Bees of Maggiekockater”
Reel 134 (December 1975 – January 1976) John Drewry dance “Salute to Miss Milligan”, Letters: Criticising the lack of atmosphere at the opening Branch dance and jazzy underpants
Reel 135 (February – April 1976) Amendments to Society Constitution, Bisham 1975 – the last of an era!
Reel 136 (May – July 1976) Letters: Lennox love to Blantyre by Foss – on the partial collapse of the ceiling of Brent Town hall during a dance with tribute to Harry Simpson, New dance “Glenfiddich” by John Drewry
Reel 137 (August – October 1976) Pulborough 1976, AGM report, Dem class visits Saumar, Tunbridge Wells now a Branch, “Miss McLean of Inverness” a dance by Jackie Johnstone
Reel 138 (November 1976 – January 1977) Letters: Helpers in Saumar, Cath Mackay appears on ballet stage – RSCDS to RB, “Devorgilla’s Delight” a dance by John Drewry
Reel 139 (February – April 1977) Weekend School extraordinary in Banff, Canada, Bisham Abbey weekend, Letter: White Rose of Scotland
Reel 140 (May – July 1977) Dem class report – the needs of the class, Letters: London Branch should publish a leaflet of new dances – Claygate club transgression – mixed couples only
Reel 141 (August – October 1977 AGM report, John Drewry dance “Alex Doig’s Jig”, Letters: mixed couples (Claygate IS sociable) – need for a certificate class – clashing dances – unwarranted attack, class parties, editor’s note, Miss Jean Milligan LLD by John Laurie, record reviews, The Twa Meenit crossword, on the retirement of Ted Shank as Membership Secretary after 25 years service
Reel 142 (November 1977 – January 1978) Letters: Combined Societies events try to avoid clashes – info about dances – original tunes – lack of certificate class, what articles the Reel should include, Editor’s notes
Reel 143 (February – March 1978) Lies, damned lies and statistics, obituary of Alastair Ross, Which is the larget Branch?, Bisham Abbey weekend, Letters from Robin Ellis and Derek Haynes on original tunes for dances
Reel 144 (May – July 1978) A Recipe for Success, Branch Quiz (an appeal for committee members), Letters: on a state of anarchy by John Mitchell – corners as a means of progression by Ellen Garvie – advice on sitting for kilt-wearers!, Editor’s notes
Editor: John Laurie (Issues 145-197)
Reel 145 (August – October 1978) Our Golden Jubilee by John Laurie, Record reviews, AGM report – membership over 1000, Day School at Quintin 1978, Letters: on changing dances by Bill Forbes – having children’s dances, Editor’s notes, “The Lantern of the North” a dance by John Drewry, With tongue in cheek, Miss Milligan passes London candidates for the last time
Reel 146 (November 1978 – January 1979) Obituary for Jean Milligan by Mary Stoker, “The Deveron Reel” a dance by John Drewry
Reel 147 (February – April 1979) Editor’s notes on the Jubilee booklet, Stingy reponse to appeal for donations, “Welcome to Dunblane” a dance by Jim MacLeod (from Rondel book)
Reel 148 (May – July 1979) Obituary for Ted Shank, A Parisian Excursion, The Jean Milligan Memorial Fund established, Easthampstead Park a first visit, Golden oldies
Reel 149 (August – October 1979) Ted Shank an appreciation by Robert S Ferguson, Letter: appreciation for Porchester Hall dance
Reel 150 (November 1979 – January 1980) Editorial on our 150th edition, Greetings from Borders Branch, Future perfect or past definite – a view by Robert Donald of the Scottish Dance Archives, letter from San Francisco, An Edinburgh Fancy, “Golden Harvest”, “The Jubilee Line” dances by John Drewry for London’s Golden Jubilee, centre page photos, Dancing in Holland Park, The dem team – a member’s view, Some reminiscences from the distaff side, letter from our president Ellen Garvie, Early days at St Andrew’s Summer School, The Carswellian magazine, Greetings from the Box and Fiddle, a letter from the President, From Reel No 2 – Miss Milligan decrees!