The Reel Archives – 101 to 125

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Editor: William (Mac) A Southon (Issues 63-103)
Reel 101 (February – March 1968) Bisham Weekend, Letters: Poor birds at Holland Park, Hugh Foss 4th Annual dance at Dalry, The Starry Eyed Lassie in Book 23, Society AGM in Oban raised sub to 7/6
Reel 102 (April – May 1968) Record reviews of Jimmy Shand and others
Reel 103 (June – July 1968) Pulborough 1968, New Teachers
Editor: Alastair (Sandy) C Morrison (Issue 104-123)
Reel 104 (August – September 1968) Bookstall, News from America
Reel 105 (October – November 1968) Letter: Criticism of record reviews
Reel 106 – (December 1968 – January 1969 Editorial on the future of The Reel and cost of The Reel (publication changed from two monthly to quarterly), Arran Week 1968, Thinking of Dances No 1 by S.R. Clowes including ‘Jig on the Bridge’, Book Review on Scotland Through her Country Dances by Emmerson
Reel 107 (February – April 1969) Miss Milligan and a Day School, Bisham Weekend Impressions of a visitor from Canada, Thinking of dances No 2  by S R Clowes “From Long to Square” including ‘Kyle Strathspey’
Reel 108 (May – July 1969) Obituary for Lady Thomson, Letter: James Garvie on Scottish music, New teachers including Helen Brown, Thinking of Dances No 3 by S R Clowes “Standing Still and Moving Figures” including ‘A Mile Down the Road’
Reel 109 (August – October 1969) Arran Week 1969, Thinking of Dances No 4 “Progressions” by SR Clowes including ‘The Laird’s Medley’ , Pulborough Weekend 1969
Reel 110 (November 1969 – January 1970) Dance compiler (anon) seeks views on dance programmes, Festival Folklorique D’Andenne, Fringe Dances by Hugh Foss – traditional to make up new dances!, Record reviews, Thinking of Dances No 5 by S R Clowes “Longer Sequences – Bigger Sets” including ‘Tapsalteerie’
Reel 111 (February – April 1970) Letters to the Editor from Nairobi by Bill Stevenson, Bisham Weekend 1969
Reel 112 (May – July 1970) St Andrews Summer School – proposed change of dates, Letter to the Editor re early dancing experiences in the RSCDS, Miss Milligan’s visit to the Day School in March
Reel 113 (August – October 1970) Editorial on the lack of members at the AGM, Pulborough 1970, AGM 1970
Reel 114 (November 1970 – January 1971) Stella Shank obituary, Arran Week 1978, III International Folk Dancing Festival Andenne 1970, From London to Llangollen (Dem team)
Reel 115 (February – April 1971) Bisham Weekend 1970, Dancing prevents chilblains!
Reel 116 (May – July 1971 Bookstall, Innes Russell dies
Reel 117 (August – October 1971) Miss Milligan’s visit to the Day School – more teachers get full certificate, Ted and Dorothy Shank Golden Wedding, Arran Week 1971, Record reviews, Pulborough Easter 1971, Book review “Rantin’ Pipe and Tremblin’ String: A history of Scottish Dance Music”
Reel 118 (November 1971 – January 1972) Belgium 1971 – The Branch at Festival Int du Folklore, Record reviews
Reel 119 (February – April 1972) Obituary on Hugh Foss, Our Branch 1 “How we lost our past and found it again” by Ellen Garvie, Bisham Abbey Weekend School 1971 by a visitor from the Netherlands
Reel 120 (May – July 1972) Obituary – James Garvie, Thelma Ockenden, Our Branch II “A Weekend in Brittany”
Reel 121 (August – October 1972) The Royal Scottish corporation hall in Fetter Lane becomes unavailable due to redevelopment – move to Cecil Sharp House, Whitsun course at Delft, Miss Milligan’s visit in March 1972 to Day School and certificate passes, Our Branch III “130-1939”, Pulborough Easter 1971, Arran 1972, An evening’s entertainment at Rutherford School
Reel 122 (November 1972 – January 1973) Record reviews of Thistle label recordings
Reel 123 (February – April 1973) Obituary for Keir Ferguson, Our Branch IV “Through the years of darkness”, Letter: The ranting ravings of Auld Nick
Editor: Rita Marlow (Issues 124-144)
Reel 124 (May – July 1973) Letters to the Editor in reply to Auld Nickl, Dem team visit Intl Festival of Song & Dance in Poland 1972
Reel 125 (August – October 1973) Festival in Portugal 1973, Letters to the Editor regarding the Golden Jubilee concert – What is the need for London Branch?, Miss Milligan’s visit to the Day School and Dorothy Pearson passes teachers certificate, Dem team at Festival in Portugal