The Reel Archives – 076 to 100

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Editor: William (Mac) A Southon (Issues 63-103)
Reel 76 (December 1963 – January 1964) K.A.S.S. column, Letter: Thanks again from KASS for London teachers
Reel 77 (February – March 1964) Hospitality for German teachers, Wembley CCPR 1963, K.A.S.S. column, Roll back the carpet 6. Joints, plain and fitted (Hugh Foss), Roll back the carpet 7. Joints, flows and pauses (Hugh Foss), Bisham Weekend
Reel 78 (April – May 1964) Ladies Highland dance class, Roll back the carpet 8. The dance and its tune (Hugh Foss), K.A.S.S. column, Letter: hands in Dashing White Sergeant, Views on content of dance programmes solicited
Reel 79 (June – July 1964) Roll back the carpet 9. The tune: Structure, Correspondence (Hugh Foss), Letters: Getting sheet music for pianists, K.A.S.S. column, Easter Weekend in Sussex
Reel 80 (August – September 1964) Thanks from KASS for London teachers, Letter: music and dance, The origin of the reel of Tulloch?, Extract from a book of ghostly happenings, K.A.S.S. column, Miss Milligan adjudicates teaching certificates, Black Barony (Eddlestone Peebles) -Whitsun visit, Roll back the carpet 10. The tune:content (Hugh Foss)
Reel 81 – (October – November 1964 K.A.S.S. column, Roll back the carpet 11. Petronella (Hugh Foss)
Reel 82 (December 1964 – January 1965) K.A.S.S. column, Peacocks and Pipes, Letter: copyright question, Roll back the carpet 12. The Montgomeries’ Rant (Hugh Foss)
Reel 83 (February – March 1965) Thanks from KASS for London Branch help, Tribute to the teaching of London Branch members at Group Leaders’ Training Course, Bisham Abbey
Reel 84 (April – May 1965) K.A.S.S. column, Letter: copyright and choosing/playing tunes for dances
Reel 85 (June – July 1965) Letter on Easter Week in Pulborough, Extracts from Lord Chesterfield’s letters to his son from “The Thistle”, Visit by Miss Milligan full cert passes Jean Nicol, Frank Reid and George Robinson et al
Reel 86 (August – September 1965) A Scottish Weekend at Arran 1965, K.A.S.S. column, “Glenscaranto” or a glossary of colloquial phrases used in Glasgow
Reel 87 (October – November 1965) Essex Scots hold Giant Country Dance (500), Letter: Thanks to Alastair Ross for Arran week
Reel 88 (December 1965 – January 1966) K.A.S.S. column, “Scottish” (a light hearted spoof on dancing)
Reel 89 (February – March 1966) Why just four couple sets? Hugh Foss elaborates
Reel 90 (April – May 1966) Letter: Drivel from earlier correspondent, K.A.S.S. column, Fantasy: The Stock Exchange Country Dance
Reel 91 (June – July 1966 Demonstrations, Visit by Miss Milligan in March for classes and exams, Letter: Frank Reid castigated!, Full cert passes by Andrew Gillies and Colin Robertson, News from New Zealand, Easter Weekend
Reel 92 (August – September 1966) Pipes in the Mist poem, Arran Holiday 1966, K.A.S.S. column, Branch AGM, John Appleton obituary
Reel 93 (October – November 1966) David Anderson of Dundee and his Ballroom guides 1 by the Fletts
Reel 94 (December 1966 – January 1967) David Anderson of Dundee and his Ballroom guides 2 by the Fletts, Comments on the reviewing of recordings, Canford School of Music and Dancing
Reel 95 (February – March 1967) Miss Milligan visits London Branch again, Letters: Brouns Reel – Not padeba but pasdebask – Why no new dances on programmes, computer produced Kwic index, K.A.S.S. weekend school, Miss Hadden retires
Reel 96 (April – May 1967) Pulborough Hogmanay Weekend, Letter: Selection of dance programmes – most of the membership moribund, David Anderson of Dundee and his Ballroom guides 2 continued by the Fletts
Reel 97 (June – July 1967) Dance programmes compiler MSF, Mrs Sandison obituary, Easter at Pulborough, Letter: Dismay at BBC stopping Scottish music programme, David Anderson of Dundee and his Ballroom guides 3 by the Fletts (development of the Eightsome Reel), Miss Milligan in London takes Day School – full certificate Carol Stoker et al
Reel 98 (August – September 1967) Arran Week 1967, David Anderson of Dundee and his Ballroom guides 4 by the Fletts
Reel 99 (October – November 1967) Letters: quality of dance music records – Open air dancing, Comments on Stan Hamilton’s playing in the Vancouver magazine “The Thistle”
Reel 100 (December 1967 – January 1968) Editorial, London Reel dance by Hugh Foss, Flashback to 1951 on how the Reel started (Hugh Foss), Hugh Thurston – congratulations from British Columbia, The First Century, Flashback II Our Ball from Reel No 1, The London Branch in Wartime by Edward Chaplin, Canford Summer School, Comments from the Fergusons, Letters: poor response to invitation to compile dance programmes