The Reel Archives – 051 to 075

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Editor: James (Jimmy) G B Anderson (Issues 24-56)
Reel 51 (October – November 1959) Cecil Sharpe House studies original Playfords, Letters: What is Tradition? – Anglisising names
Reel 52 (December 1959 – January 1960) Letters: What speed – Red House – Origin of dances
Reel 53 (February – March 1960) Apology for late Reel due to printers’ strike, News from New Zealand, The Arran Holiday, Letter: Waverley – Scottish or English, Country Dance Steps up to 1752 (JP Cunningham)
Reel 54 (April – May 1960) Demonstration Class auditions, Book Review “Scottish Dances of the Eighteenth Century” by Jack McConnachie, Slipping to the Bottom (Hugh Thurston), Letter: music – Jimmy Blair records – original Red House is better
Reel 55 (June – July 1960) Letter: Slipping to the Bottom – Garvie clarification, The “Red House” Mystery (comparing Scottish and English versions) by JP Cunningham
Reel 56 (August – September 1960) Arran Holiday 1960, Record reviews
Editor: Elma Taylor (Issues 57-62)
Reel 57 (October – November 1960) Letter: Addison’s view on dancing, Changes in Secretary and Treasurer, Weekend School at Bisham Abbey, Bookstall listing
Reel 58 (December 1960 – January 1961) A Question of Phrasing (Hugh Foss), Covering Off (Hugh Thurston)
Reel 59 (February – March 1961) Procedure for election of Branch Committee, Adam Rennie and Tim Wright obituaries, Letters: Compiler of Mairi’s Wedding decrees left shoulder in reels
Reel 60 (April – May 1961) Mrs Houston obituary
Reel 61 (June – July 1961) Portrait of Miss Milligan, Now Tread We A Measure (Hugh Foss analysis of Reel and Measure)
Reel 62 (August – September 1961) Arran Holiday report 1961, Record Reviews – Jimmy Blair, Park Film Studio Players, Jim McLeod, Andrew Rankine
Editor: William (Mac) A Southon (Issues 63-103)
Reel 63 (October – November 1961) New editor William Southon, The New Branch Flag
Reel 64 (December 1961 – January 1962) Obituary of Sam Mason (pianist), Beginners’ progressive syllabus of dances (Bill Ireland)
Reel 65 (February – March 1962) Holiday on the Isle of Arran, Scottish Dancing in New Zealand (Hugh Thurston), A Fishy Story from the Mallaig Line, Bisham Abbey Weekend report, Letters: Choose the right bands! – Try a dem doing the dance backwards – “Why do dancers strive to join the demonstration class?”
Reel 66 (April – May 1962) Hugh Thurston initiates Vancouver Branch magazine “The Thistle”, Letter: danceability of records
Reel 67 (June – July 1962) New teachers including Ron Mackey, June Wilson, Letter – Where is the happiness in the Reel – a letter to create correspondence i.e. reasons for not being a member of London Branch – Not the Lea Rig again
Reel 68 (August – September 1962) Arran Holiday Weekend report, Pulborough Easter Weekend, Kilt Socks, One-Two-Three-Hop poem from “The Thistle”, Charing Eight success on continent, Letters: Taking dancing too seriously – happy with the Reel – Lea Rig frequency – Thanks from Kent
Reel 69 (October – November 1962) Letters: Music for Schiehallion – fewer Lea Rigs – Harpenden hooligans, Editorial “Costs of producing The Reel”
Reel 70 (December 1962 – January 1963) Dem Team at Albert Hall (EFDSS New Year Festival), Letter from Canada on the Lea Rig, Record Review
Reel 71 (February – March 1963) Bisham weekend, Dancing thirty years ago (Hugh Thurston?), Roll back the carpet 1. Madrigals (Hugh Foss), To Arran poem, K.A.S.S. column
Reel 72 (April – May 1963) Irene Stewart moves north, Roll back the carpet 2. New figures from old (Hugh Foss), K.A.S.S. column
Reel 73 (June – July 1963) Roll back the carpet 3. More new reels (Hugh Foss), More new teachers, Petronella, K.A.S.S. Column, Easter Weekend at Pulborough
Reel 74 (August – September 1963) Editorial on Branch AGM, Roll back the carpet 4 – Grafting (Hugh Foss), K.A.S.S. column
Reel 75 (October – November 1963) Holland Park open air dancing success, Roll back the carpet 5. Counterpoint (Hugh Foss) including Fugal Fergus