The Reel Archives – 026 to 050

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Editor: James (Jimmy) G B Anderson (Issues 24-56)
Reel 26 (August – September 1955) Fergus McIver history, Letters: McNab dances, Robert and Alison Ferguson marriage, Record Review, Whistun Weekend at Bisham Abbey, Demonstrations 1954-5, Lady Mary Douglas (Wilson 1816) (Hugh Thurston)
Reel 27 (October – November 1955) Book Review “The Foursome Reel and Other Dances”, An Edinburgh Fancy – review, The Foula Reel (Hugh Thurston)
Reel 28 (December 1955 – January – 1956) Editorial on role of The Reel and the publication of official highland steps book, The Tartan Sash (how it should be worn), Record Reviews the arrival of 45rpm and 33rpm records, News from Abroad – Hamilton Ontario
Reel 29 (February – March 1956) SCDS Autumn School/AGM, Book Reviews “Highland Dancing”, “Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams”, Record Review, Letters: An Edinburgh Fancy, News from Abroad including New Zealand, Melbourne, Adelaide, Boston and Erin, Music and Scottish Country Dancing
Reel 30 (April – May 1956) Country Dancing Weekend at Bisham Abbey, Jimmy Shand’s Visit to Harpenden, One-Day School with Miss Milligan, The Scots Year Book 1956, Letter: Review of Pilling too severe
Reel 31 (June – July 1956) Editorial (plea for committee, volunteers etc), Letters: late arrival of the Reel – incorrect execution of dances – reviewing Pilling – rude men, Dances for Nine (Hugh Thurston), Leeds University Ball
Reel 32 (August – September 1956) Demonstrations, Book Review “Won’t You Join the Dance?”, South African Tour (from HQ), Certificate classes successes
Reel 33 (October – November 1956) Record review, Letters: getting men to smile – standards in Harpenden – variations in Society dances – compiling programmes, An Edinburgh Fancy, A Story in Song & Dance (at Pitlochry Festival Theatre), Fete de Paris June 56 (Dem team visit)
Reel 34 (December 1956 – January 1957) Editorial Hugh Foss, Maurice Layton and Kit Power depart, News from Abroad – great enthusiasm in Ladysmith, South Africa, Eastbourne Dancers thrill French
Reel 35 (February – March 1957) Letters: Rouken Glen easy – Harpenden SCDC obstreperous – Visit to Montreal, At the SCDS AGM Dundee (a lot about new dances)
Reel 36 (April – May 1957) Frae A’ the Airts (Bisham weekend), News from Abroad (New Zealand), Record Reviews, Book review “101 Scottish Country Dances”
Reel 37 (June – July 1957) Obituary The Duke of Atholl (President of the SCDS), Editorial – teaching of SCD, Letters: different programmes – conduct of Society AGM, Early Days (James Garvie), The Dancer’s Dilemma (Peter Quinn)
Reel 38 (August – September 1957) Letters: thanks from Jean Milligan – complaint about 78 records, The Durham Week-End, Cavalcata Sarda (dem team visit to Sardinia)
Reel 39 (October – November 1957) SCD at the Inter-Varsity Club, The Dancer’s Dilemma continued (Peter Quinn)
Reel 40 (December 1957 – January 1958) Editorial on change of appearance of The Reel – the appearance of the thistle logo, Pipes in the Polders (Branch visit to the Netherlands), Record Review
Reel 41 (February – March 1958) Cost of the Reel upped to 4d, On the Origin of Scottish Country Dances Part 1 (Hugh Thurston), Lilleshall Week-End School, Letters: Authenticity of “Waverley”- unable to receive dance music from BBC Scotland.
Reel 42 (April – May 1958) Newly certificated teachers, London Branch Week-End School at Bisham, Letters: is SCD elitist? – Authenticity of “Waverley”, News from New Zealand (3rd Summer School at Wanganui), On the Origin of Scottish Country Dances Part II
Reel 43 (June-July 1958) Letters: Record reviews helpful – Listening to Scotland on radio – approval of new “Reel”, Book Review “The Scottish Gift Book”
Reel 44 (August – September 1958) Book Review “The Complete Ballroom Dancers” (gets a very poor review), Letter: 8some and 4some together in programmes, In the name of culture – trouble in Singapore
Reel 45 (October – November 1958) Fifth International Congress of Folk Dancing, Letter: couldn’t hear Jimmy Shand, Book Review “Twelve New Scottish Country Dances” by Hugh Thurston
Reel 46 (December 1958 – January 1959) Book review “Music and Physical Education”, Letter: no chance of the BBC satisfying dancers in the South, Golden Age – no it’s changing all the time, What Speed – contradictions in speed of dances?
Reel 47 (February – March 1959) News from New Zealand
Reel 48 (April – May 1959) News from British Columbia (Hugh Thurston), Flights of Fancy? – examining the whimsy around Gates of Edinburgh (JP Cunningham)
Reel 49 (June – July 1959) Fergusons move to 3 Dormywood Ruislip, What Speed? for dances, Letters: How old is Highland Dancing – Hugh Thurston’s reels and jigs – New branch in Natal, Forgotten Ways (Hugh Foss)
Reel 50 (August – September 1959) Robert Ferguson resigns secretary post and moves up to VP, New teachers include P Quinn, Stella Booth and Helen Townley, The film “Scotland Dances” reviewed, Holiday in Arran a success, Members Dances now open to Reel subscribers