The Reel Archives – 001 to 025

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 Editor: Janet Irene Stewart (Issues 1-13)
Reel 1 (September 1951) Editorial (setting out the future), 1 poem incorporating 11 dance names, Committee Notes, Last Season’s Dances, Our Ball
Reel 2 (October 1951) On-Two-Three-Hop, Directives (from Miss Milligan), International Folk Dance Festival
Reel 3 (November – December 1951) Weaving Lilts and Ninesomes (Hugh Thurston), Fun and Games, Dance Popularity, Demonstrations
Reel 4 (January – February 1952) We Agree to Differ 1 – The Reel of Three Perplexes Me, Donald of the Burthens (Massine’s Ballet), Bethnal Green and East London Festival of Arts 1952, Death of Hon Victoria Bruce
Reel 5 (March 1952) Accepted Obligation (the troubles of a large Branch), We Agree to Differ 2 – Should We?, More About the Weaving Lilt (Hugh Thurston), Dance Popularity
Reel 6 (April – May 1952) Editorial – Square Dancing, We Agree to Differ No 3 – The Women’s Reel, Book 16, Fun and Games – Blindfold Dancing, Two Rules (Hugh Thurston)
Reel 7 (June – August 1952) We Agree to Differ No 4 – New Dances, Fun and Games, Old Highland Dances (Hugh Thurston)
Reel 8 (September – October 1952) My Favourite Dance and Why, We Agree to Differ No 5 – Beginners, Music
Reel 9 (November – December 1952) A Historical Puzzle (Rogator), The Hielan Toe Club 1 – The Beginning, More About Music
Reel 10 (January – February 1953) The Scottish Measure (Hugh Thurston), The Hielan Toe Club 2 – the First Dance, Book Review: Scottish Dancing
Reel 11 (March-April 1953) Letters: Niel Gow – playing an instrument – A historical puzzle – Favourite dances, The Hielan Toe Club 3 – The Book, Choosing Alternative Tunes, Book Review of Highland and Traditional Dances by D G MacLennan, The Dashing White Sergeant (Hugh Thurston)
Reel 12 (May 1953) The Hielan Toe Club 4 – Miss Cahoon’s Reel, A Hundred Years Ago (Hugh A Thurston), Letters: Highland dancing – New Dances on Probation, A Twelvesome Reel (Hugh Thurston), Sash Problem (Hugh Thurston) solution in next Reel, Eightsome and Foursome Poems, Boswell dances
Reel 13 (June – August 1953) The Hielan Toe Club 5 – The Rehearsal, Sash Problem solution, Dating Manuscript Dances (Hugh Thurston)
Editor: Hugh Foss (Issues 14-19)
Reel 14 (September – October 1953) Members Dances (limitation of numbers), The Hielan Toe Club 6 – At the Ball – How Do you Do? (rating your skill as a dancer), TV, Letters: A cry for Rebellion, Miss Milligan at Murrayfield
Reel 15 (November – December 1953) The Members’ Dance Problem, The Hielan Toe Club 7 The Hon. Sec’s Log, Thomas Wilson (Hugh Thurston), Inver (the Gows’ birthplace), Editorial: Change without Decay, Letters: Rebellion – RSCDS badge
Reel 16 (January – February 1954) The North Eastern Reel (new publication in NE Scotland), The Hielan Toe Club 8 – General Stuart’s Reel, Monymusk (Hugh Thurston), The Chairman’s Thoughts (of the future) Hugh Foss, So you want to be an MC? (Fortinbras), Letters: SCD School in England – the Half-encore, Two new dances: The Provost and Black Ness by Hugh Thurston
Reel 17 (March – April 1954) East Surrey-West Kent Branch, The Hielan Toe Club 9 – Trial for the Teacher, What’s in a name (Lennox Love to Blantyre), The Early Nineteenth Century (Hugh Thurston), Shortage of Male Dancers, Letters: Petronella – Tartan and the Woman – Dance patterns – SCD School in England
Reel 18 (May 1954) The Hielan Toe Club 10 – The Guest Dance, Lennox Love to Blantyre (C F Craigie), Sixteensome Problem (solution in Reel 19), The Flight of the Sand-Martins, reel or jig by Patrick Bankart, Duke of Perth (Hugh Thurston), Letters: Niel & Nathaniel Gow – Petronella – Tartan and the Woman
Reel 19 (June – August 1954) The Hielan Toe Club 11 – The Class, Spanish Dancing – A Tourist’s Impression (Hugh Thurston), Somewhere in B.A.O.R. (dancing in the army), The White Rose of Scotland Strathspey by Elma Taylor, Book Review: 24 Favourite SCD, The Crooked horned Ewie, Editorial – The Reel
Editor: William N Dunn (Issue 20)
Reel 20 (September – October 1954) The Reel of the 51st Division (James Atkinson), Petronella and Triumph (Hugh Thurston), Demonstrations (Dancing in France)
Editor: Sir William (Bill) Nicoll (Issues 21-23)
Reel 21 (November – December 1954) More Dances from Canada (3rd set), Italian Excursion (Hugh Thurston), Summer School St Andrews 1954, Letter: Bagpipes
Reel 22 (January – February 1955) Book Review: Scotland’s Dances (Hugh Thurston), The Structure of Dances (Hugh Thurston), Twenty Years of Scottish Dancing at Oxford University, All Change (variations in performing dances), The Other Half Dances (US teaching methods), Letters: Reel of 51st Division – Petronella
Reel 23 (March – April 1955) Dances from Canada (JF and TM Flett), In the Picture – acting in a film (Hugh Foss)
Editor: James (Jimmy) G B Anderson (Issues 24-56)
Reel 24 (May 1955) Dances from Canada continued (JF and TM Flett), Letters: McNab Dances – Triumph and Petronella – Whisky disposal – Ladies wearing the kilt
Reel 25 (June – July 1955) Book Review – Scottish Country Dance Music by Winifred Bird-Matthew