Spring from Home – Virtual Event

Stop Press: The Branch is sad to learn of the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh. To mark our respect, the Spring From Home event will now commence with a minute’s silence at 5pm

In place of the previously scheduled Combined Societies dance on 10 April 2021, we had an online ‘Spring from Home’ event, a joint venture from the London Highland Club, St Columba’s Dancers and London Branch.

As for the London Branch Burns Night at Home, ‘Spring from Home’ featured music, dance, poetry, quizzes, competitions and plenty of online chat.

Items included some vintage dances as well as music from Ian and Meryl Thomson and from Craigellachie. Jim Cook provided a spring themed quiz and there was poetry from Valerie Strachan and Willie Lawrence, history from Rachel Wilton and Meryl Thomson, a song from Frances Bright, and, perhaps most important of all, dance recaps from Pat Davoll, Peter Forrow and Murrough Landon to make sure that we all had the chance to dance.

To see the videos which were part of the online event, go to the Spring from Home playlist on our YouTube channel

Welcome: Rachel Wilton
MC: Simon Wales

London Pride – History: Peter Knight – Song: Noel Coward – Dance: Edinburgh Scottish Dancers 2017

Quiz Round 1 Jim Cook

Lamb Skinnet – Recap: Pat Davoll – Music: Meryl & Ian Thomson

Village Maid – Dance Catriona Bennett

Bluebell Polka – Song: Frances Bright – Dance: Step We Ceilidh

Quiz Round 2 Jim Cook

Flowers of the West – Dance London demonstration team 1995

Spring in Cromar by Sheena Blackhall – Poem Willie Lawrence

Up in the Air – Recap: Murrough Landon – Music: Meryl & Ian Thomson

Quiz Round 3 Jim Cook

Joie de Vivre – Dance London demonstration team 1998

Fresh Air and Fun by Pat Batt – Poem: Valerie Strachan

The Narcissus – History Meryl Thomson – Music Meryl and Ian Thomson

Quiz Round 4 Jim Cook

Flowers of Edinburgh – Recap: Peter Forrow – Music: Meryl & Ian Thomson

Quiz Answers Jim Cook

Closing thanks Jim Cook

Auld Lang Syne and polka Craigellachie

Join us from 5pm on Saturday 10 April 2021 via the now familiar Zoom link. We look forward to your company on 10 April.