Scottish Dance Archives – Dance Instructions

Scottish Dance Archives have been given permission from devisors to place the following instructions online. Please click the item required to open a PDF file. For some dances the sheet music is included after the dance instructions.

Copyright Notice
Written permission, to allow certain dances and music to be republished, has been obtained from devisors and composers. These dance instructions, and music, are given on this site for personal use only. Copyright permission MUST be obtained from the individual copyright holders for any publication to be sold.

Technique Sheets:
Basic Steps: Reel steps, Strathspey steps.
Exercises in Technique Jig Time.
Technique Sheets for Teachers: The AllemandeThe PromenadeThe Reel of Three (part 1), The Reel of Three (part 2).

2d Jig
After the Ball + music
Airie Bennan
Alister McAlister
Ann Nisbet
Arran Sword Dance
Auld Robin Gray
Australian Ladies (The)
Awa’ tae the fair
Awa’, whigs, awa’
Banks of Spey (The)
Bannockburn Reel (The)
Bateau Bay
Be seeing you
Belfast Almanac (The)
Belle of the Ball + music
Beyond the Black Stump
Birkie lads
Black Mountain Reel (The)
Black Walnut (The)
Blervie Castle
Blithe and Cheerie
Bonnie Stronshiray
Bonny Mally Lee
Bonspiel (The)
Border Reiver’s Reel
Brian Boru
Brier (The)
Bruce Trail (The)
Cairnsmore of Carsphairn
Caledon Hills (The)
Caledonian Reel (The)
Caller Herrin’
Campbell of Duntroon
Campbelltown Loch
Campsie Glen
Capstan (The) + music
Captain Henderson’s Hornpipe + music
Captain’s Round + music
Castles in the Air
Catch me if you can
Christina McLellan
Contrary Kate
Craigellachie Brig
Creel (The)
Cutty Sark
David Findlay Jig (The)
Davy Glen’s Strathspey
Davy Nick Nack
Dear Gladys
Donna’s Diamonds
Dr Donald’s Delight
Draw the Sword Scotland
Dunbar Road
Duncan’s Dance + music
Dundee Whaler
Earlston Loch
Ebba Reel
Expert Dancer (The)
Fankle, The
Farewell my Fancy
Fiacaill Ridge (The)
Findhorn Medley
Fine Fettle
Fiona’s Fancy
For Lack of Gold
Fortnight at St Andrews
Fountain (The)
Fun at the Fair
Gallant Weaver (The)
Gavin’s Reel
General Ritchie’s Reel
Geneva Park
Glasgow Assembly
Glenfinnan Gathering
Glenmore Rant
Golden Ring (The)
Green Lochan (The)
Green Well of Scotland (The)
Grey Mare’s Tail (The)
Guid To Ken Ye + music
Gushet Neuk (or Let’s all go Walkabout)
Half and Half + music
Half way there
Hamish McThistle + music
Hand in Hand
Hanselling the Hoose (or Formby Frolic)
Harvest Time
He Danced Awa’
Heights of Alma (The)
Heir of Errol (The)
Hey Johnny Cope
Hey, Johnnie Cope
Hi Kiwi!
Hidden Loch (The)
High Bridge o’ Ken (The)
Hunter Valley Strathspey + music
Hunter’s Run + music
Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder
Illabo Rant
Illabo Reel
In the Garb of Old Gaul
Inver Inn
Ironbung Creek
Isle of Arran Strathspey
Jamie’s Hornpipe
Jig for Charlie (A) + music
Jimmy’s Jig
Jindalee Jig
Jitney (The)
John Anderson’s Reel
John Grumlie
John of Badenyon
Johnnie’s Jig
Kenny Paul of West Linton
Killiecrankie Reel (The)
Kinfauns Castle
Kingdom of Strathclyde (The)
Kirrie Kebbuck (The)
Kishmul’s Castle
Laird o’ Thrums (The)
Lake Macquarie Reel + music
Landscape Gardener (The)
Lanimer Reel
Lassies and Laddies
Leslie’s Strathspey
Let Us Dance At Medowie + music
Let’s Have a Ceilidh
Lieutenant Shortland’s Reel + music
Lightning Ridge
Lily of the Vale (The)
Links o’ Forth (The)
Lions International
Little Larrikin
Lobster in the Pot
Loch Doon Castle
London Reel
Long Paddock
Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton Reel (The)
Lord of the Dance (The)
Lovat Scouts (The)
Luck to Loyne
Luckenbooth Brooch (The)
MacDonald of the Isles
Macdonald’s Galley
Macfarlanes’ Strathspey (The)
Mackay of Strathnaver
Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell (The)
Mattara Strathspey + music
McEwan’s Reel
Mill Wheel (The)
Miss Anne Donaldson
Miss Betsy Robertson
Miss Catherine Stewart
Miss Fleming’s Jig
Miss Grant of Elchies
Miss Johnstone of Dumfries
Miss Stewart’s Jig
Miss Taylor’s Reel
Miss Watt’s Jig
Montreal Rendezvous
Moon Dance (The)
Mr Alexander Laing
Mrs Ian Powrie of West Kirkton
Mrs Rigby’s Rant
My Ain Hoose
My Heather Hills
My Mither’s aye Glow’rin’ Owre Me
My Tocher’s the Jewel
Nancy Dawson
New Scotland Reel
Northern Meeting
On the Wings of the Morning
Polharrow Burn
Postie’s Jig
Riggs of Corn
Road to Dundee
Roaring Jelly
Rogues’ Rant
Rose Tree (The)
Rounds of the Kitchen + music
Roy’s Reel
Scottish Barn Dance
Scottish Man of War
Sea-Horse Frolic + music
Shake Yourself
Sheena’s Fancy
She’s Fair and Fause
Shetland Fiddler (The)
Shiftin’ Bobbins
Singing Kettle
Sir James Baird’s Strathspey
Spey in Spate (The)
Speyside Reel (The)
Spinning wheel
Spruce Hill
St Andrew’s Flag
St Columban Reel
Stealing the Stone
Stirling Brig
Swing of the Kilt (The) (Foss)
Tae the Lassies
Tamworth Chase + music
Tartan (The)
Thorntonian Jig (The) + music
Threesome Jig
Thrums Cairn (The)
Tinker’s Reel
Travellers’ Jig
Trip to the Vineyards + music
Turtle in the Marsh
Two Black Cats + music
Underneath the Arches
Uppies and Doonies (with music)
Waiting for Joyce
Waiting for the Bairns
Waterfall (The)
Wattle Valley Reel
Wee Cooper o’ Fife
Wee Touch O’ Class
Welcome All + music
Welcome to Scotland
We’re a Noddin
Wha’ll be King but Charlie
Willie-Waught + music
Witches’ Brew
Young Sandy Tulloch

Children’s Dances (also listed above)

Bateau Bay
Be seeing you
Beyond the Black Stump
Catch me if you can
Contrary Kate
Donna’s Diamonds
Fiona’s Fancy
Fun at the Fair
Half way there
Illabo Rant
Illabo Reel
Ironbung Creek
Jimmy’s Jig
Jindalee Jig
Johnnie’s Jig
Lightning Ridge
Little Larrikin
Long Paddock
Rogues’ Rant
Scottish Barn Dance
Scottish Man of War
St Andrew’s Flag
St Columban Reel
Turtle in the Marsh
Underneath the Arches
Wattle Valley Reel
Witches’ Brew