Reel 306 – Christmas Quiz update

In the current Reel 306 we included our Christmas Quiz for readers to enjoy. To make it more difficult, we added an erroneous clue – number 6 should not be there.

The Quiz should read as follows:

The Reel Christmas Quiz 2018

Something to do after Christmas Dinner – Each question has a number after it and that is the letter counted back from and including the last letter of the answer.
Put these letters in question order and this becomes an anagram for an old Scottish country set dance, what is that dance?
The first person to email with the correct answer will be recognised in Reel 307 as Reel dancing egghead 2018 when the answers will also be given.
1 Name of London Branch magazine (4)
2 First name of Scottish bard born in 1759 (3)
3 Scots for splashes (4)
4 Who devised the reel Orpington Caledonians? (5)
5 Fife village where there is a Jimmy Shand statue (10)
6 Salmon leap here (6)
6 In which churchyard is Rob Roy MacGregor, who died in 1734, buried? (6)
7 Scotland’s national mythical animal since late 1300s (5)9 Tune used for the dance, Bonnie Anne (7)
8 Salmon leap here (6)
9 Tune used for the dance, Bonnie Anne (7)
10 First name of Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich (6)
11 Book 1, No.6 (8)
12 Which Scot first produced pneumatic tyres commercially (2)
13 16th century castle on Loch Ness (1)

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