Pat Batt poem – Wicked Willie


It was with Wicked Willie this woeful tale began,
When Willie trod the Winding Road with wilful Bonnie Ann,
Her size increased considerably, not due to Sugar Candie
And she Hastened to the Wedding with Drops of Brandy handy.But Willie found a New Rigged Ship, and he became a Sailor
And voyaged to the Isle of Skye aboard a Dundee Whaler,
And there he met a Highland Lass and made a pass at Nancy
But Nancy Frowned and Willie found he wasn’t Ladies’ Fancy.

Then Willie made suggestions to The Laird of Milton’s Daughter,
And she, poor girl, fell in to doing what she didn’t oughter.
The years went by and Willie met a Yellow Haired Young Laddie,
A Happy Meeting, for he cried, “The Deuks Dang O’er My Daddie!”

But Willie couldn’t stand the thought of being someone’s father,
So packed his bags in haste and said Farewell to Auchterader.
He turned up at St. Andrew’s Fair, there to Salute Miss Milligan,
Who turned and cast him, by the right, straight in the nearest Swilican!

There are 21 dance titles (some amended slightly!) in this.