Pat Batt poem – The Essential Mum


I can’t do Scottish Dancing,
I cannot hear the beat.
The music’s just a noise to me
And I’ve got two left feet.My husband is quite different,
Although he’s eighty four
He’s always ready for a dance
And first up on the floor.

My children, eight, four boys, four girls,
Were any dancer’s dream.
Not many Scottish families
Have a demonstration team.

They all excelled at dancing,
They won medals and Gold Bars,
They won Highland Competitions,
They won silver cups and stars.

They represented Scotland
At home and overseas.
And even now they demonstrate
At homes for O.A.Ps.

And one kind soul remarked to me
“You must feel so alone,
Your family all go dancing off
And leave you on your own”.

“Not so” I said, “I’m vital,
They can’t do without me,
My husband does the music,
But I provide the tea!”.