Pat Batt poem – The Demonstration Team

The Demonstration Team

We’ve been asked to appear at an Evergreen Club,
So we must give a good demonstration,
But it’s not proving easy to make up a team
And I’m torn between hope and frustration.

Hamish McIntosh is camping in Spain,
And Sandy has gone to Geneva,
Andrew and Janet are off on a cruise,
And Fiona has shocking hay fever.

We’ll have to ask Elsa the German au-pair,
I’m practically certain she can,
And that Japanese girl is a treasure –
Though she can’t bring herself to dance man.

Paddy and Eileen O’Reilly are good,
And Claudette has come back from France,
And the chap from the Indian Restaurant
Is willing and eager to dance.

The outfits will cause me some trouble, I know,
And Ram Singh insists on his turban,
It’s lucky that Franz has a wonderful kilt
That he got from his uncle in Durban.

I wish that we had just one Scot to announce –
I’d do it myself on the night
But I am 100% pure Welsh
And “Diolch yn fawr” (*) wouldn’t sound right.

I’m sure that our dancing will please the old dears,
But it does seem a pity there’s not
In all the eight people there dancing reel,
Just one representative Scot.

* Pronounced Dee-ock-un-vower

(Previously published in Reel 229)