Pat Batt poem – Smile


We’re doing a demonstration,
The first for quite a while.
“Mistakes don’t matter” teacher said,
“But everyone MUST SMILE”.It’s rather hard that my partner and I
Are hardly on speaking terms,
He came to class with a streaming cold
And gave me all of his germs.

I infected the family, and
It went on Grandma’s chest,
She’ll probably have pneumonia,
But SMILE, I’ll do my best.

On Monday all of his thirteen stone
Stood on my foot a while,
Right on my second-best hammer toe,
I cursed him inwardly, SMILE.

He’s one of the sort who knows it all,
With elephantine style.
He gave me a nasty blow on the chest,
I gave him a nasty SMILE.


We did our demonstration,
He had caught flu meanwhile,
I happily danced with somebody else,
And found it easy to SMILE.