Pat Batt poem – Pride Goeth……


I am a Scottish Dancer,
Experienced, advanced,
I like to show less able friends
How dances should be danced.My back is straight, my head held high,
My smile securely fixed,
I know my dances thoroughly
And never get them mixed.

I’m ready for the next eight bars,
I know just where I’m heading,
I even pass left shoulders
In the reels in Mairi’s Wedding.

I always close my feet in third,
I stand just where I should,
Although I am a modest soul,
I’m really rather good.

And now look at that dancer
Who is coming down the room,
With a frown of concentration
And a general air of gloom.

Her head is poking forward,
She isn’t quite in line,
Her toes are turning upward! –
Quite different from mine.

It must be fairly obvious
That she is a beginner,
Her figure’s similar to mine,
Thank heaven I am thinner.

It’s strange her dress is so like mine,
Her hair as well I see…….
Oh, Lord, it is a mirror
And that reflection’s ME

Well now I know how I appear
To others in the set,
And that’s a hard, hard lesson
I’m sure I won’t forget.