Pat Batt poem – Nasty Habits


I have some nasty habits,
I’ll confess it loud and clear
For that might sound a warning bell
To other dancers here.I’ve curtsied to my partner
Whilst chatting to a friend,
My partner vainly wondering how
He’s managed to offend.

My hands too low in rights and lefts,
Too high in hands across.
I sometimes have a mental blank
And cause complete chaos.

I’ll own I’ve viewed my partner
With a vague, unfocussed eye
And given absent-minded hand
To drift, unseeing, by.

I’ve danced an eight bar reel in six,
A six bar reel in eight,
I’ve turned and cast too early
And I’ve turned and cast too late.

When slipping in a circle
I have not closed my feet,
My strathspey sometimes scrapes the floor,
My setting is not neat.

My toes have turned both in and up,
I have not paid attention,
And there were other lapses
That it’s better not to mention.

Well, there was one occasion,
It must have been the whisky
When I danced Bratach Bana
And the others did The Frisky!

Yes, I’ve got nasty habits
And I only hope that you
When reading this confession
Don’t think “I’ve got them, too”!