Pat Batt poem – Miss Jeannie Carmichael


There’s a dance that’s called Jeannie Carmichael,
We did it last Thursday in class –
We started with highest intentions
But quickly descended to farce.

We four crossed and set whilst the others ran round,
It was all a bit of a lark,
Though Winnie was flurried and terribly worried
She couldn’t find somewhere to park.

The first part we managed quite nicely,
It all went according to plan –
But for petronellas, like twirling umbrellas –
And disintegration began!

Our set staggered through, but judging by noise
The others gave up in despair.
And Simone laughed so much she completely lost touch
And collapsed in a heap on the chair.

If you want to do Scottish dancing –
An evening of frolic and fun,
Don’t bother with something quite simple –
No, Jeannie Carmichael’s the one!


Southgate Class, April 1986


MISS JEANNIE CARMICHAEL  (M-4x(S32+R32))  4C set F Sverdlove+Gruskin


1- 8         1s+4s set, cast in 1 place & dance RH across

9-16        1s+4s set & cast back to places, 1s+2s & 3s+4s circle 4H round to left

17-24       1L+4M cast to change pl as 1M+2L, 2M+3L & 3M+3L cross RH & set, 3M+2L cast                  to change pl as 4M+3L, 1M+4L & 2M+1L cross RH & set

25-32       All repeat above Fig bars 17-24


1- 8         All petronella turn into centre, petronella turn to opposite sides, petronella turn to                   centre & petronella turn to places

9-24        1s turn RH & cast 1 place, cross, cast back to top, dance down below 3s & cast to                  2nd place opposite sides, all turn partners RH

25-32       2s+1s with 3s+4s dance Poussette (in pairs) to 3 4 2 1