Pat Batt poem – Just In Case


I’m off on a Scottish Dancing Course,
So I must do my packing and such.
I’ve bought a new suitcase – it’s not over large,
But I won’t have to take very much.It’s just the essentials – my shoes, for a start.
A notebook and pencil and Pilling,
The ankle support and a knee bandage, too.
The rub, and some plasters to fill in.

There’re undies, tights, hankies and sponge bag.
For mornings there’s skirts and thin blouses,
And for afternoon walking some thick socks and boots,
And jacket and jersey and trousers.

A rucksack and rainwear and compass and map.
Survival bag, gloves, woolly hat,
First aid and whistle, a camera and scarf –
And a volume of poems by Pat!

Some dresses to wear in the evenings,
A woolly – I nearly forgot!
It’s funny how basic essentials
Turn into a Helluva lot!!


Written at Grasmere in February 1994