Pat Batt poem – January 25th


There’s a lot can be said about young Robbie Burns,
And some of it quite unrepeatable.
But if you could understand all that he wrote
His poems, they say, are unbeatable.But as for his love life!! – I’d rather not say! –
Though it must have seemed sweet at the time
To have declarations of undying love,
Untrue, but in glorious rhyme.

And if you like haggis, then Burns is your man!
With tatties and neaps it is eaten,
And, starting with Robbie’s well known “address”,
The meal, I declare, can’t be beaten.

So three cheers for Robert, I hope that he knows
That on Jan. twenty-fifth every year
You’ll find Burn’s Night suppers all over the world,
And I’m happy to join in one here!