Pat Batt poem – Injuries


I pulled a muscle last night in class,
I’ve a great big bandage to prove it.
It’s not too bad if I keep it still
But it gives me hell when I move it.It’s rather lucky my twisted knee
Is almost entirely well,
But I’ll have to look after the ankle
That has recently started to swell.

My instep is nearly better,
And the pain in my toe’s getting less,
But the ligaments round the back of my heel
Are rather a nasty mess.

I had a few days of concussion,
An error in Postie’s Jig –
It was only a hair-line fracture
But the bump was uncommonly big.

My shoulder has never been quite the same
Since my partner got out of hand
And twizzled me wildly in Hamilton Rant
And I ended up in the band!

Oh, it’s lovely to do Scottish Dancing,
But to my eternal sorrow
I’ve decided it’s just too rough for me
So I’m taking up Rugby tomorrow.