Pat Batt poem – Guess Whose Coming Dancing


Have you heard that Prince Charles
Has joined the Argylls
To try out a dancing weekend?
And I’ve read in The Sun –
In large print on page one –
That he’s coming and bringing a FRIEND.

The Archbishop of York
Dropped in for a talk
On various aspects of God,
But he found he prefers
To watch dancing hers –
With their hims – both ancient and mod.

The next U.S. President –
Incognito – is resident.
Though the Argylls all wish him elsewhere.
There’s no doubt he’s clottish –
What he thinks is Scottish
Is really American Square!

In came Maggie Thatcher –
There’s no one to match her
At dancing she’s clearly the worst.
The set’s in a mess
For she will not progress
But insists that she always goes first.

Neil Kinnock, alas,
Came to Saturday class –
But he left in the late afternoon.
He cried, ‘curses on it,
I will not dance Blue Bonnets
I prefer The Red Rose of Dunoon’.

The two Davids* came,
Looking roughly the same
I cannot view them with compliance.
I’m wondering whether
If they dance together
It’s a rather too Liberal Alliance!

And so the Argylls
Have reason for smiles –
We may not be royal or famous,
But we might say as dancers
We do know the answers –
But modesty quite overcame us!

Footnote: Written in 1987 for the Argyll’s Weekend held at Easthampstead Park

* David Owen and David Steel


THE RED ROSE OF DUNOON (S4x32) 4C set 3s & 4s on opp sides J Attwood Alexander Bk 3

1- 8 1s & 4s set & cast in 1 place, cross RH & cast to ends to form lines across (1s between 2s & 4s between 3s)

9-16 1s+2s also 3s+4s Adv+Ret up/down, 1s+4s dance 1/2 R&L while others turn RH on sides into square formation

17-24 All set HS & turn corners 2H twice to end on sidelines

25-32 All set to partners, 4s+2s also 3s+1s dance 3/4 Fig of 8 (end couples cast to start) to end 2 4 1 3

(taken from Charles Upton’s Minicrib)