Pat Batt poem – Celebrating Age

Celebrating Age

A Concert at the Albert Hall
was run by Age Concern –
And London R.S.C.D.S
Resolved to give a turn.

It was the over fifties –
Mature dancers all
Who came to show what they could do
And graced the Albert Hall.

The volunteers all were drilled
Bill worked them hard and long
They had to get it perfect, and
They dared not do it wrong!

And on the day it went so well,
The audience went wild –
Not only was the dancing fine
But all the dancers SMILED!

Their heads were high, their lines were straight
We sat there quite entranced
And proud to see our London friends
How beautifully they danced.

Congratulations, everyone –
I’d like you all to know
How much we did appreciate
A really splendid show.

(One off thank you to RSCDS 28th November 1987. Previously published in Reel 183)