November Family Day and Dance 2015

Family daySaturday 21 November 2015 2.00 – 4.30 p.m.

Children’s Class 11.30 – 1.00 p.m.
Followed by lunch
Dance: 2.00 – 4.30 p.m.

To music from Barbara Manning and Calum Mitchell

The programme included dances from:

Circassian (big) Circle (Trad/Fairbairn), Charleston Chaser (Gr2/2), Gay Gordons (Pocket Reference Guide), MC’s Choice, The Waratah Weaver (Gr2/4), A Reel for Jeannie (40/1), The Dhoon (Ch1/1), Loch Ness Monster (Imperial 2/9), Granville Market (Gr2/18), MC’s Choice, Espie McNabb (MMM 23), The Barmkin (Gr2/6), Canadian Barn Dance (Pocket Reference Guide), The Dashing White Sergeant (3/2)

Extras: Scotch Mixer, Round Reel of Eight & Witches’ Reel