If you wish to join the London Branch of the RSCDS, please contact our membership coordinator or download our membership form. There is also the option to buy using PayPal via our online shop page.

The benefits of RSCDS membership include reduced rates at classes, dances, and events. Members are also entitled to a sizeable discount on items bought from the RSCDS shop. It also includes a subscription to the Society’s publication ‘The Scottish Country Dancer’ which is issued biannually. Furthermore, membership of the London branch includes a subscription to our quarterly magazine, ‘The Reel’. This can be either received as a paper magazine in the post, or electronically as an ‘eReel’ email attachment.

For memberships starting from July 1st 2016 or later (new prices)

12-17 18-24 Joint (each) 25+ 2nd Branch Reel Subscription
Worldwide-eReel £14 £20 £20 £24 £4 £4
UK- Paper Reel £16 £22 £22 £26 £6 £6
Europe-Paper Reel £22 £28 £28 £32 £12 £12
Rest of World-Paper Reel £25 £31 £31 £35 £15 £15

The basic annual fee, that is for members aged 25 or over, receiving the paper copy of the reel are as follows: £26 for members residing in the UK; £32 for members residing elsewhere in Europe; £35 for members residing elsewhere in the world. The basic annual fee for an eReel subscriber in the UK, Europe, or elsewhere in the world, is £24.

Members between the ages 12-17 receive a £10 discount on the above fees.

Members between the ages 18-24 receive a £4 discount on the above fees.

Two members, aged 25 or over, residing at the same address can apply for joint membership and receive a discount of £4 per person on the above fees. Both memberships to be taken out/ renewed at the same time.

If you are already a member of the RSCDS via another Branch, you can become a member of London as a second Branch. Fees for second Branch members receiving a paper copy of The Reel are as follows: £6 for members residing in the UK; £12 for members residing elsewhere in Europe; £15 for members residing elsewhere in the world. The fee for a second Branch eReel member in the UK, Europe, or elsewhere in the world, is £4.

There is also the option of subscribing to The Reel alone, without becoming a member of the London branch. The fees for this are the same as for second Branch members.

Members of the London Branch can get details of the user name and password required to enter the members’ section of the RSCDS website by contacting our membership coordinator.

Do we have your (correct) email address? – if not please contact the Membership co-ordinator via our Contacts page so that we can improve our communications with members (and ensure we comply with the Data Protection Act). Or maybe you have acquired a new one since joining or have somehow not let us know your email contact. If so please let us know now. If you are in doubt email us your email address anyway. Thank you.