Dem Team news – February 2012

Dem Team News – February 2012
The London Branch demonstration team entered two teams for the ladies section at the Newcastle Festival on 11th February, coming 2nd (London RSCDS) and joint 3rd (London Ladies with Julie Young Dance School, Perth) out of twelve entries; Newcastle Branch won the ladies section.  Although the display danced by the team was very well received the International Branch team were the very worthy winners in the display section this year; an excellent choreography and dancing of the book 39 dances.  We were also really pleased to see that the International Branch also entered a [very young] mixed team in the under 16 section, with three of the team coming from the Branch’s children’s class here in London taught by Angela Young, and came 1st…………very well done all.  The day was absolutely fantastic, ending with a really good dance in the evening.

More photos from the Newcastle Festival 2012.