Day School 2021 Report and photos

The approximately 90 dancers and 14 musicians who attended the Day School this year were treated to excellent teaching and music culminating in a superb evening dance to music from Jim Lindsay and the Day School Musicians.

A number of message of thanks have been received and here are just a few of them:
“The venue was superb, the Covid arrangements all good, the catering thoroughly enjoyable and the music teaching from Jim was outstanding.  All this culminating in the shared fun of music and dance in the evening – there is no better way to spend a day! “
“t was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the Day School at St Helen’s School yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed my classes”
“The teachers and musicians for the classes were excellent.  The evening dance so good that I didn’t go home early as planned.”
“The Day School was a triumph!”
Photos courtesy Simon Wales 2021