Combined Societies Dance 2018

Saturday 24 March 2018. Hosted by St Columba’s Dancers to music from Craigellachie.

Dance programme: Hooper’s Jig, The Gardeners’ Fantasia, Mairi’s Wedding, New Year Jig, The Gentleman, Bratach Bana, Inchmickery, Mrs Milne of Kinneff, The Reel of the Royal Scots, Bill Clement, The Kelloholm Jig, The Piper and the Penguin, Miss Eleanor 3×32 S
Napier’s Index, Round Reel of Eight, Ship o’ Grace, The Starry Eyed Lassie, The Lochalsh Reel, Major Ian Stewart, The Montgomeries’ Rant

A joint event with London Highland Club, Little Ship Club, St Columba’s Dancers and London Reels

Contact details for the Combined Societies are:

London Highland Club – holds formal and informal dances at St Columba’s Church, Pont St on Saturdays. Contact Catriona Bennett on +44 (0) 20 8544 5558 or email

St Columba’s Dancers – St Columba’s Dancers meets every Monday (except for Bank Holidays) between October and May, from 7.15 until 10.00 p.m. All are welcome. We dance to recorded music mostly, and entrance is free, with just a £1.50 contribution for tea and biscuits at half time.  We have band nights five times a year, when a charge is made.   For further details contact Valerie Strachan, or 020 8693 5335.  Follow us on Twitter (@dancerscolumba) and Facebook.- Website

Little Ship Club – is a well-established Scottish country dance group who meet at St Columba’s Pont Street on Thursday evenings every three weeks from September to May. We dance a wide variety of dances as well as the more familiar ones. We very often have a musician playing for us, and as a friendly social group we are always willing to welcome new members. It may be helpful to know the basic steps, but most dances are walked through. We break halfway through the evening for a picnic supper that participants bring themselves. Contact Stuart Thom on 0207 924 2081 or email.

London Reels – London Reels meets once per month (September – June) in the lower hall of St Columba’s Church in Pont Street,  SW1. This is a fantastic venue which can accommodate over 200 dancers on its large wooden dance floor.

We welcome novice and experienced reelers from around the world of all ages and backgrounds to share in this most beloved of Scottish pastimes.

At London Reels we teach and practise a limited number of dances. Beginners are especially welcome, and we pride ourselves on our ability to convert sceptical first-timers into reeling devotees!