Combined Societies Dance 2016

This dance took place on Saturday 19 March 2016

A joint event with London Highland Club, Little Ship Club, St Columba’s Dancers and London Reels

This year the dance was hosted by RSCDS London Branch to music from Ian Muir of Prestwick

Dance Programme: Hooper’s Jig, Shiftin’ Bobbins, Margaret Parker’s Strathspey, Napier’s Index, Scott Meikle, The Belle of Bon Accord, Flora’s Fancy, Mairi’s Wedding, Postie’s Jig, The Machine Without Horses, Round Reel of Eight, The Gardner’s Fantasia, Jennifer’s Jig, The Sailor, Butterscotch and Honey, Baldovan Reel, The Kelloholm Jig, The Montgomeries’ Rant.