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This quarterly magazine is essential reading for anyone interested in Scottish Dancing in the Southeast. It contains information about dances, classes and day schools, it reviews new recordings and keeps you up to date with all that’s happening on the Scottish Dance scene.

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JeremyJeremy is a dancer, teacher and pianist for Scottish country dancing. He took up dancing seriously at Oxford University, and subsequently started playing the piano and accordion for classes and as a guest in a variety of bands. For many years now he has played at Day Schools and the RSCDS Summer School. As a dancer, Jeremy was a member of the London Branch demonstration team from 1987 to 1999. His dances include The Westminster Reel, published in the 1989 London Book and RSCDS Book 45, and The Faculty of Actuaries in the 2011 BHS Border Branch book Three Hands Across, and he had several tunes in the London Book of music in 1998. He is an RSCDS qualified teacher, and currently takes the London Branch demonstration team. Since April 2012, he has also been editor of London Branch’s quarterly magazine, The Reel.

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