Music Workshops in the South East

Day School Musicians 2011For musicians interested in learning more about and playing Scottish music, the RSCDS London Branch runs an annual Musicians’ Workshop in the London area. Past tutors have included Freeland Barbour, Pete Clark, Neil Copland, Gillian Cummins, David Hall, Muriel Johnstone, George Meikle, Ian Muir, Ian Muir of Prestwick, Ian Robertson, Maureen Rutherford and Keith Smith.

Musicians’ workshop at Day School 2019

This year the Musicians’ workshop will be led by accordionist Ian Muir (Prestwick) and is open to players with a suggested minimum of Grade 5, is principally aimed at developing a secure style required for dance music playing and will cover:

  • Repertoire – Picking appropriate follow-up tunes which complement the originals
  • Style – How to create a solid playing style with rhythm and character.
  • Listening – Understanding and applying listening skills when playing in a group
  • Being creative – The art of arranging music so that it is interesting to both the player and the dancer
  • Old v New – Mixing and matching traditional material with contemporary tunes
  • Having Fun! – Playing with a smile on your face

See the Day School page for more details.