Pat Batt poems

Pat Batt is a name that most of you will recognise as being synonymous with incisive, humorous poetry centred on Scottish country dancing. Her ditties are based on personal experiences and observation of human life in SCD and then put into rhyme for her and our pleasure. She often is found making a pithy point through fun, this probably being the best way to do it! Go to a dance party, tea party or ceilidh and you will invariable hear one of her poems recited or simply read out. Teachers use them in part to illustrate a point or to give their class a sideways look into our world. Phrases like When I was one and twenty…., I’m a two-sex Scottish dancer …, I joined a Scottish dancing class … come to mind when thinking of her poems.

I knew Pat; she was a cheeky mischievous person with a twinkle in her eye which I always see in my mind when I read her works. Reading one of her poems daily is like taking a tonic and this is a compliment I am sure she would have loved to hear. The London Branch have been given special permission by her daughter Jo Chima, to whom we are indebted and thank heartily, to show all 33 of her poems, from her five volumes, in the Archives, on this website starting today with the 6 already published in the Reel since 1987. The next will be added in September and from then on, on a one a month basis with every fourth also being published in the reel. London Branch hopes their readers enjoy this treat over the coming years and avail themselves of Pat’s daily tonic for life.

(Pat passed away at the age of 85 in 2006 and her obit. can be found in Reel 257 (which is in the Reel archives), through the sales of her poems she was able to make generous donations to The North London Hospice)

Stephen Webb  June 2011



The complete listing of Pat’s poems can be found below. These include an additional Volume 6: Pat’s Extras containing 11 poems not previously published or in a collection. Should any reader have or know of any other poems by Pat Batt not published here – you are invited to send them to the London Branch website to have them added to Volume 6.


Volume 1 – Some of Pat’s Party Pieces

Volume 2 – More of Pat’s Party Pieces

Volume 3 – Pat’s Party Pieces

Volume 4 – Pat’s Final Fling

Volume 5 – Pat’s Party Pieces – Over and Out

Volume 6 – Pat’s Extras