Branch Day School 2019 photos and videos

A large number of dancers enjoyed a day of classes for all abilities followed by an evening dance to music from Ian Muir (Prestwick) and the music workshop musicians.

Dancers were also able to take part in either Highland or Ladies Step classes and a class concentrating on two of Hugh Foss’s dances – London Reel and Caller Herrin’. Read more »

Day School 2021

We are sorry to announce that this year’s Day School, which was due to take place on Saturday October 17 2020, has been cancelled because of Covid 19. The Day School (which is normally held the third Saturday in October) will take place next year on October 30 2021.

Further details will be appearing shortly but in the meantime we are pleased to advise that Fiona Mackie, David Queen, Mervyn Short and Alice Stainer (who were due to teach this year) have confirmed their availability for October 30 2021 as have musicians Jeremy Hill and Barbara Manning.