Burns Ceilidh Dance 2017

Burns CeilidhSaturday 14th January 2017
A great opportunity to enjoy with your friends and family a traditional Burns Supper along with the fun of Scottish music and ceilidh dancing. With haggis (including a splash of whisky), neeps and tatties, piped in and addressed in the immortal way. Read more »

Burns Ceilidh Dance 2019

On Saturday 12th January 2019 dancers and their families enjoyed a traditional Burns Night ceilidh and a supper provided by Margaret Shaw and her catering team. Piper Ryan Ellsworth piped in the haggis which was addressed by Ian Rutherford (See photos). 
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Burns Ceilidh Dance 2014

Burns Ceilidh 2014Burns Ceilidh Dance and Supper

To music from Strathallan

There was ceilidh dancing to music from Strathallan. The programme will include Gay Gordons, Britannia Two Step, Circle Waltz, The Dashing White Sergeant, Canadian Barn Dance, The Eightsome Reel, Swedish Masquerade, Cumberland Reel, St. Bernard’s Waltz, Virginia Reel, Boston Two Step, Strip the Willow and many others.

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