Branch Classes

The London Branch runs a large number of classes throughout the year. Some of these are regular classes during term-time, others are specialist classes in ladies’ step, highland, advanced technique and classes for young people. The London Branch runs a large number of classes throughout the year.  The regular classes teach Scottish Country Dancing not Reeling (which is a separate type of dance style).

Weekly classes

Richmond Beginner’s and Improvers Class (Wed): An introduction to Scottish country dancing.  This course is suitable for complete beginners and dancers with a little experience.

Beginners and Improvers Class (Wed): An introduction to basic steps and formations for new dancers while supporting others to develop their technique and general dancing skills.

Intermediate Class (Wed): For dancers with at least a year’s experience of Scottish country dancing who want to improve their technique and gain added confidence on the dance floor.

Mixed Ability Class (Wed afternoon): This is a general class for all ages and abilities and is intended for those who cannot attend a class in the evening and who would like to continue their enjoyment of Scottish Country Dancing by attending an afternoon class. We welcome visitors.

Advanced Class (Wed): A class for those wishing to develop their RSCDS technique skills in steps and formations. The class teacher will make Branch decisions as to the suitability of dancers for this class.

University of London and UCLU Folk Society (Thu:) For students, staff and Alumni of the University of London.

Representing the Branch: The aim of the class is to put together and rehearse a repertoire of dances that can be used for public displays. Previous performances include shows at the Royal Albert Hall, weddings, ceilidhs, local events, celebrations, corporate events and participation in festivals across the UK.

Less frequent classes

Very Advanced SCD Class (Sunday morning.): These classes are aimed at very advanced dancers who wish to further develop their dancing technique.

Family Class (Sat morning): Come along and join in the fun! Why not burn off some energy and enjoy yourself, dancing lively jigs and reels?

Summer General Class (Wed): A fun evening is in store with the opportunity to work towards the RSCDS Dance Scottish Dancing Achievement Award – Intermediate Level! Come and enjoy a sociable evening of dance and exciting Scottish music.

These classes are suitable for all abilities from improvers upwards.

Summer Class 2010 Jane & Andrew Summer General 1d (285x214) Basic Skills class
AdvancedTechnique Dem Team 2008 Childrens Class 2013 (2)