90th Anniversary New Scottish Dance Devising Competition


No Further Submissions for the New Scottish Country Dance Devising Competition will be accepted as this is now closed


LB90 – New Scottish Dance Devising Competition (NSDDC)
In Reel 309 p6 the London Branch Committee made an Advance Announcement concerning a Dance Devising Competition
the details (revised) of which are:

A New Dance is being sought through competition to celebrate the Founding of the London Branch of the RSCDS. This competition is open to all Current, Past and Second Branch Members. This new dance will be included in the 90th Anniversary Ball programme to be held on 31 October 2020 dancing to Marian Anderson and her Band.

Closing Date for submissions is midnight 1 March 2020, earlier received submissions are preferred. Devisers may only submit up to two dances to newdance90@rscdslondon.org.uk stating full name, current membership status, home town, email address and contact telephone number and in PDF or Word Doc. format. All information for each dance shall be contained on a single page. An acknowledgement will be sent.

The Dance Requirements: This shall be interesting to dance preferably, with dancer interaction and not be over-complex and should flow from one figure to the next. Formations such as tourbillon, rondel, etc do not need describing except at the transitions. It shall be a 32 bar dance in jig, reel or strathspey time in a longwise, square or triangular set. Diagrams should not be necessary and the wording of the description should be unambiguous and where possible although it is not essential, be put in the RSCDS style terminology (as in the RSCDS Books). This dance should not previously have been published. Copyright will reside with RSCDS London Branch for all dances devised, whether chosen or not. Rev. Dance copyright – this can be waived except for the winning entry.

The Dance Name: Up to three alternative names may be submitted with the dance, one may be chosen or an entirely different dance name used or even one submitted with another dance used for the winning entry. This will be decided upon, solely by the London Branch Committee.

The Music: The tune to accompany it will either be original and composed by a well-known musician (this new tune will be composed after the announcement of the winning entry) or a traditional tune, not used elsewhere, which may alternatively be proposed by the deviser. However, the final decision on which tune is used shall rest with the London Branch Committee. For the purpose of trialling the dance submitted, a recommended recorded tune name should be included with the submission. Rev. Tune – an especially composed tune may, if wished, also be submitted with the dance and will be considered with that dance when trialled.

Exclusions: The following people are excluded from entering:
London Branch Committee, The Reel Editorial Team, the judges, the trialling dancers, trialling dance co-ordinator and musician.

Judging: Dances received will be given anonymity and short-listed to three by a panel of three experienced dancers/teachers all non-London Branch members then, finally judged to decide a winner by the London Branch Committee in combination with the dancers chosen to trial them.

The Winning Dance will be announced at the London Branch AGM on 13 June 2020 and published asap thereafter on the London Branch website and together with the music in The Reel 313. The deviser of the dance will receive two complimentary tickets for the 90th Anniversary Ball. There are no complimentary tickets for the dance name chosen although credit for this will be acknowledged in the dance description should it differ from the deviser of the dance.

References: Entrants may wish to read how other devisers have gone about devising Scottish dances.
Refer to:
203 p5 Roy Goldring February 1993

Reel 204 p5 John Drewry May 1993
Reel 305 p9 John Brenchley September 2018
Reel 309 p9 Mervyn Short September 2019
These articles can all be found on the London Branch website in the New Scottish Dance Devising Competition section under the 90th Anniversary Celebrations heading on the main menu.