Pat Batt poem – Starters


There’s a lot to remember when dancing.
The name of the dance, for a start.
And to stand with your heels close together
And your toes most correctly apart.The name of your partner is useful as well,
It’s not an essential, it’s true,
But if you require her assistance
It’s better than calling “Here, you!”.

And what of your lines, are they crooked or straight?
Are they narrow or maybe too wide?
What number are you? and what gender as well?
Should you be on the opposite side?

Have you curtsied or bowed, smiling sweetly?
Are your arms and your hands nicely placed?
And are you au fait with the opening bars,
Or peering at Pilling in haste?

There’s a lot to remember when dancing
For a learner who’s barely begun.
And all of this list you will notice
Comes before any dancing is done!